Living like a millionaire

Spent two days basically living like a millionair….

On Friday my great friend celebrated her birthday at her grandmas house and the thing is that her grandma is a freeking multi millionaire. So the house that we went to had a pool and like 1000 rooms and 100 bathrooms and a lot of space. It was so beautiful and I was so jealous but happy at the same time so in conclusion I enjoied very minut of it.

with the B-Day gril
swimming at night? yes!
boys making food
lit fam

So yeah, awsome party! Had such a good time with my best buds!

Already being at a house like that was like whoa, but the next day when the birthday girl invited me and one other friend to come with her to ride a helicopter… then I was like wtf, what is my life?

It was freeking sick! SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! We flew around Tallinn and also went to see our houses. The pilot was a really nice guy made jokes and also tortured us by flying the copter sideways and laughing when I was screaming…

Tallinn old town
what is life?
weren’t exited at all….

After flying we went to her uncel’s (who payed for the ride, as a birthday present) house and well, another multi millionair, but this time the house was so much more…. it had freaking three diffrent saunas!!! But we didn’t go in them cause we needed to go home. First we thought that her parents will take us home, but they were like ”Hey, here’s money! Take a taxi, go there and there” So we get the taxi, go back to the grandmas house, take our stuff, while the taxi is still waiting and then go home.

I have never gotten one taxi while driving into diffrent places and letting it wait for me so for me it was a big deal,

I’m still in shock that I got to ride in a helicopter and just to have 2 days like that…. Best weekend in my life!



Italy 2017

All roads lead to Rome!

So on Spring Break I went to Italy with my family. We got a taxi to go from our home to the airport and fly to Bergamo. We landen in Italy around 1 at night so we got our rental car and went to this horrible airport hotel what was like just 4  beds in the room. The bathroom was a shared one with all of the other quests. So we left as early we could.

The first day we went to a beautiful little town Sarnico what was near Lake Iseo. Then we drove through Brecia, Modena and Montava. Somewhere in between we got breakfast and lunch. In Italy most resturants open at like 1 PM, are open till like 3 PM, then close and open again at like 7 PM and in the mornings they go to a bar, have an little cup of coffee and a crossant, that’s it. So we as Estonians who eat a lot in the morning were starving so we went to a supermarket what was on the road and just ate in our car. We literally got everything, like diffrent sandwiches, yougarts, bananas, appeles etc. My dad even bought two creme brules.

Our second hotel was in a town called Marano sul Panaro. It was an amazing hotel. It was on top of a hill and the view was just breath taking.

The next day we went to Bolonga and our next location was Firenze, but hah. In Italy there a things called autostradas. They are basically highways that you pay for, they are just quicker and better roads basically. Oh and they are straigh…. because most of Italy is very mountainous they built highways in side of the mountains, but my dad didn’t want to pay so we up hill and then down hill, again up and down and so on…. I threw up, my sister didn’t feel good and my dad just laught at me. But it was all very pretty in the mountains so all good. From Firenze to Siena it was a good nice and flat road so we were good.

In Siena we went to see the down and this is how you get to the Siena main town part: You go to a supermarket and from there you take an escalstor up, about 1 km and you are in Siena old town. A very interesting experience. I mostly made videos and I can’t upload videos here so sorry for the lack of pictures.


Fourth day we drove to Viterbo to see our family friends from the time my family lived in Italy. We got there and ate some fresh  pasta all made from local things. Even the pasta was homemade. Then the familys dad and little son  showed us around the town. Such a good time and I really miss litlle Mario.

ROME!!!!!!!!! Whuuuu, Rome has been on my bucket list my whole life and finally whuuu I’m in the centre of the world. Rome is such a beautiful place, really it is. We went to Saint Petro, Trevi Fountain and Colossum. We walked the whole day and about 14 km and 25 000 steps…. my feet hurt so bad, but it was worth it. Also ate gelato about 4 times.

Again, didn’t take alot of pictures, cause I really wantedto enjoy more and also my battary was dead and memory full.

Then we went back to Viterbo and straight to bed.

In the morning we started early to start the longest ride of the whole tripp. First we went to a local wine factory and I don’t understand Italian that great, but somehow my dad will start to import wines to Estonia from Italy. Pretty normal? So Estonians stay tuned!

So after a very long converison we started to drive again. Me and my sister got my dad to pay for the autostrada and we went to PISA! Whuu! We literally drove there 170 km/h we where there in like an hour instead of 4.

If you ever want to go to Pisa then be prepared for a lot of refuges offering you staff and that there are a lot of turits always. Everyone trying to take the famous “I’m holding the tower“ pic, literally 100’s of people standing doing poses.

After Pisa we drove foward to Cinque Terre, a national park. It was again… up the mountains and the drive was horrible. Our hotel for the night was in the really end at the park and the drive there is up and down, up and down on a hill where one wrong turn and you fell into the sea. The town where we finally made after 5hours of driving in the mountains was called Bonassola and it was such a small town that at 9 PM there is only one resturant open and 4 people outside. Like hahaha wtf. When we arrived it was pretty dark already and we didn’t got to see the sea, only heard it. Litearally the sea just looked like a black whole at night beacuse the sky was aslo dark black, no stars, no moon, no nothing just black.

In the morning ate breakfast and went to see the sea. So firt thing first, in Estonia water isn’t more than 20 degrees, but usually more like 17-18 degrees. In Bonassola the water was about 14-16 degrees. I was sick, but if I were I would have gone swimming. The water was really clean and beautiful.


When it was time to leave I looked at the road and when I saw that the free way to Piacensa was only in the mountains I said to my dad that I will pay for the autostrada. And he agreed, most of the road was in side of a tunnel, very cool.

In Piacensa we didn’t do much, because I was full on sick and even had a feaver. So my mom and dad went and got dinner, I showerd and drunk tea and went to bed.

Last day! Kind a sad, kind a not. I really missed home and my friends and my own bed. We got to the airport 6 hours early so we spent all our money in the airport shops.

And then finally home <3!

Italy will always be in my heart and I really enjoyd a trip with my famiy and can’t wait to go back.

PS! I hope my wishes that I wished for, when I threw coins into the Trevi Fountain will com tru! 😉

LOVE,                                                                                                                                                      redhead111





Divide by Ed Sheeran (review)

Bless this man!

I’ll just get this out of the way that yeah I know I haven’t been posting, but sorry school is  been hectic and also a lot of drama happing etc.

But none of that bs matters cause the man himself Ed Sheeran came and saved the day, actually the whole year so far.

I have been listening to it all day and thought I share my thoughts with you guys.

So the first so is ´´Eraser´´                                                                                                                                       -In this song his more rapping or talking not really singing, only the chorus. His talking about how hard it’s to live when you are famous and everybody is watching you every move and how he would like to erase somethings like his pain. He says ´´I’ll find comfort in my pain, eraser“

2. ´´Castel on the Hill“                                                                                                                                            -Ed is singig about how he remembers his childhood and how it affected him and how much he misses it. It has a good melody and is a danceable song, but diffrent from the up beat pop song you hear in the club. I really like it, it remindes me of my childhood and how much I appreciate my friends and everything we do.

3. ´´Dive´´                                                                                                                                                                     -Dive is a nice slow dance song what is ironic that the song is about taking this too fast. It’s a love song about where a girl is playing with the boys emotions, but the boy is head over heels for her. There is a really nice eletric guitar part in the middle that adds so much to the song. I would really like to share a slow dance with someone I really care about to this song.

4. ´´Shape of You´´                                                                                                                                                     -Uh, shape of you. Great beat, great words. It’s also a love song, but more of the physical part of love and not in the pop 21 century way (ASSS,BOOTY,BOOBS).I can imagine people grinding on eachother in the club to this song and just enyoing every + side there is in love.

5.´´Perfect´´                                                                                                                                                                 -A very beautiful slow love song. His sing about a woman who is perfect for her. There is no more words needed it just so beautiful and I shead a tear the first time I heard it. He says that they are dancing in the dark, he doesn’t see her, but she still knows that she looks perfect.

6. ´´Galway Girl´´                                                                                                                                                       -Again a more rapping/talking song. It has this Irish vibe and a flute playing in the backround and no wonder because the song is about an Irish girl that he met in city Galway bar where she was playing the flute. He sings about the night they had and how great she was. The Irish vibe is really nice and I kinda wanna go to Ireland now and to a bar.

7.´´Happier“                                                                                                                                                               -The song is about a break up. He sees his ex in a park a month later and she’s happier without him, but he is unhappier with her. For me it’s  song about real life break ups that a guy hurts a girl and then the girl finds a guy  who makes her happy and then  the guy realises what he is missing and that he actually needs her, but the girl is happier then ever and has moved on. Slow, but powerful and a sad melody.

8.´´New man“                                                                                                                                                             -Another song about where a girl has new man. The new man is really wannabe pop     and trendy. Goes to the gym eats like super healty foods and has tattos, plucks his eyebrows etc. The girl seems happy but still calls the other dude and actually misses their relationship. It has a nice beat and Ed is also taliking more than singing and in the end there is this modern solution where Ed’s voice is modified, like something you hear when somebody is behind the DJ stand and hah ”wiki, wikis” the plates. I know I’m great at expleing thing I wanna say.

9.´´Hearts Don’t Break´´                                                                                                                                         -Also a very good slow love song by Ed. He’s singing how hearts don’t breake around here meaning that the love they have will never break and their hearts won’t get hurt. I just get a summer vibe when he sings about diffrent flowers and lighthouses.

10.´´What Do I know?´´                                                                                                                                             -My second favorite song from the album. When you hear this you just wanna clap along and move and sing and laugh. He’s singing how there are a lot of problems in the world, but we forget that we have to love ourselves and other and just think positivly. ”Love can change the world in a moment, but what do I know?”, says Ed Sheeran in his song and it’s so true. We should just take time off sometimes and get together and sing, laugh,dance and just talk to eachother.

11.´´ How would you Feel (Pean) ´´                                                                                                                       -Ed Sheeran is a master when it becomes to slow love song that everyone can relate to. He sings about what would the other person feel when he says that he loves them. It’s scary to say ”I love You”to someone, you don’t know how they are gonna react and are they going to say it back. I just love the melody of this song so much and the guitar solo in the middle is just the cherry on top.

12.´´Supermarket Flowers´´                                                                                                                                   -It’s the saddest song on the album for me. I literally cired the whole song. It’s just Ed and a piano and in the chorus there is a choir singing. He sings about his grandmother dieing and how she’s in heaven and she is an angle and will always be ther for him. It’s hard to pack up all the memories and how he tries not to cry, but sometimes it’s okey to cry. Hallelujah

13.´´Barcelona´´                                                                                                                                                           -God, I miss summer so much. Such a fun song and just makes me wanna fly to Barcelona and be under the sun and dance. Mamasita, whuu, tuh, tuh, tuh, feel the summer breez…..

14.´´Bibia Be Ye Ye´´                                                                                                                                                 -All the summer vibes tho, It means everything will be alright in Ghanian. He went there in June 2016 where he supposedly recorded the song. So yeah just happy vibes all the way and be true to yourslef.

15.´´Nancy Mulligan”                                                                                                                                               -Another Irish vibe song about a girl named Nancy Mulligan. Songs about their life, how they got married, their children etc. Again just somebody take me to Ireland and to a Pub.

16.´´Save Myself´´                                                                                                                                                       -My absolute favorite song from the album. I just relate to this song so much. He sings about how he tries to save everyone else, but he tries to save himself as well, but sometimes saving a stranger is so much easier than saving yourself. But it doesn’t matter how many people you save, you are still fighting with yourself ” Between the devil and the danger”. I know the feeling when he says that all the ones who loved him left him on the shelf.

THANK YOU SO MUCH ED FOR THIS AMAZING ALBUM!!!!!!! It literally made my week and just lets be forget about all of the bullshit that is going on.
















Banana day- Day 1

 Actually it should be Day 2, but you know the first attempt never goes according to plan…

So I have been sick for two weeks now and literally vomiting everything out and my stomach has been hurting a lot as well. Then one night my hands looked like that


I was totally in shock and I haven’t got time to go to the doctor yet so I used google. What I found out that I have symptoms for gluten and lactose intolerance. I also might have hives or just a bad virus.

And cause I was so fed up of being sick I decided to have a cleanse week- a full banana cleanse week.

The goal is to only eat bananas and drink water.

I tried to start it on Monday, but hah the day ended with chocolate.

Today (Tuesday) has been a success .

I have had:

2 bananas and 0,5 l of water  

banana porridge (2 bananas) and 0,5 l of water  

0,3 l of homemade banana milk ( you just blend a banana and some water)

Banana porridge (2 bananas) and 0,5 l of water

So I completed the full banana day, but I will be honest I think I won’t do it again. It’s winter in Estonia so I need more energy and not drinking coffee or eating other foods like meat and potatoes will not get me the energy that I need. Today me and my friends went out and they said I’m not like I usually are. I’m usually super active and energetic, but I was sleepy and weak.

I know that it’s just Day 1 so my organism isn’t usued to it, but still I can’t take an other day of this.

So tomorrow I will wake up eat the banana cereal I made tonight drink coffee and for lunch eat chicken and potatoes cause I really do need the energy and the good feeling.





1 year anniversary + spa day

Redhead111 blog is now a year old. I would like to thank people how have liked and read my posts, because of you guys I have been motivated to keep writing and doing something interesting to write about. Thank you!!!

Can’t believe it’s been a year and I still wanna do something with this blog. I really never have had a curtain topic I write about, it’s usually just posts about what I do with my life cause I have no friends do tell them to. So here’s a post about how me and two of my friends went to the spa.

Me and my father started driving around 9.30 an we’re supposed to pick up my friends along the way and the first 15 minutes the road was pretty clear and than randomly it started snowing really bad, there also was a pretty heavy wind and like freeking -20 degrees outside, horrible. The snowstorm was for like 30 minutes and the for the rest off the drive the roads were clear and evan the sun came out.

Somewhere in the way we picked up my two friends and arrived at the spa at like 11.30 something.

It’s more like a waterpark than a spa actually, but they have something that they call “the saunas of the paradise ” and if you have ever met an Estonian saunas are VERY IMPORTANT! There were so many different saunas and my favorite had to be the Japan one. It’s basically a big hot pool inside of a room. But I also do really like the traditional Finnish Sauna especially when it’s over 130 degrees.

Back to the waterpark part, there is 4 slides, 3 big (black, dark yellow and light yellow and than a little one for kids, a slide that looks like a waterfall so you basically ride between big stonewalls and fall quickly and fast. There’s also a outdoor pool, two jacuzzis, a big pool where you can just play ball or swim or whatever and then there’s my favorite: a jumping cliff. It’s 4 meters high, but the adrenaline you get when you jump is amazing. There’s actually alot more, but I’m too lasy to list everything.

I didn’t take pictures inside the waterpark, but you have to believe me it was amazing. Even tho I’m older than 5 it was still fun and relaxing to just have a day like that away from everything

Although we went to the beach afterwards and I have pictures from that.

It was fucking cold as fuck, but also beautiful as fuck.


And then we went to eat fast food and went home.

Once more Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading and liking. Everytime I open my mail and I have a notification that somebody liked my post I get a warm feeling in my heart, so thank you for that❤

With lots of LOVE,




Welcome 2017

 It’s here, it’s finally here. Happy New Year guys!!!

Thank god 2016 is over and everything starts from a new page.

I hope your new year celebrations were great and you spent it with family or friends.

I was with my friends and we went on top of a hill to look at the firework 360 and it was amazing. It was so beautiful and where ever you looked you could see these beautiful blasts in the sky. I literally had a moment where the only heard the blasting and saw the fireworks and than my friend tapped on my shoulder and was like, hey we’re leaving.

One of my friend’s friend was having a party and he said that only 8 of our 20 people gang could come but we didn’t care so we literally randomly just crashed the party.  It was so random we danced for one song, wished happy new year to everyone and than me and my two friends went to the garage to take shots and than somebody is hey everyone is leaving we were like oh shit les go.

Than my friend’s mom called and invited all 20 of us to their place to shoot some fireworks. We went there and hahahhahaa her mom is just literally the best and some of us girls had a bathroom break at her house😂

Then we just walked around our town a little and then we went home.  So not a big crazy party but I really do love my friends they are the best so I had a really great evening! ❤

The 1st of January I spent sleeping and watching TV.  Amazing …

The 2nd of January didn’t start the best. My lil sister blacked out and fell on her head and we needed to call the ambulance and they took her to the hospital where she is staying the night. Everything is fine she just has a realy bad concussion.

So I really don’t have big resolutions for this year cause I’m so disappointed in last so I don’t know what to wish for or yeah. I want to work out more, be more braver and study more. I have an exam coming this spring and I stil don’t know what exam to pick and my great have dropped alot. So I just wanna survive this year and get my shit together!

And once more, Happy New Year!





Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my darlings! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

My holiday usually are spent by one night with our own family (me, mom, dad, brother, older sister and little sister) one night of our individual celebration and one with relatives.

The 23rd

I went with some of my friends to a Christmas concert in a church. It’s one of the most known churches in Estonia and one of the prettiest.


I really liked the concert and then when my mom came to pick me up she did an early xmas present and bought me, my lil sis and my friend burgers!!! Freaking yaass!!!!  Every year during Christmas I have this thing that I can’t sleep and I stay up the night before Christmas.


The 24th

In Estonia we celebrate it on the 24th and usually around the night time. I got like 4 hours of sleep so hah a lot of coffee and coca cola was drank.


Oh dayum there was so much food that I  almost exploded. After eating we started playing kahoot. We did different topics and alot of games. Yea our family plays kahoot on Christmas Eve…


My dad was on a trip so we waited with the presents until he was home as well. He’s plane landen about 8 so he was home by 9, but we still got our presents around 10😂. Here’s what I got: 2 pairs of Iphone earphones, a hat that has earphones inside, big earphones, a pillow, a perfume, wakeboarding gloves and a pair of fussy socks.


I know a lot of earphones, but like it’s my fault I complained alot this years that I don’t have earphones and well😂

 The 25th

The whole house woke up and started packing, we were going away for one day but it looked like for weeks. Actually my brother is going for a snowboarding trip for a week and my older sister was just taking some things form the house to her home, but we had a lot of things cause we needed to take plankets and pillows to my grandmas so there were a lot of bags.

We started driving really late and me and my lil sis had to change clothes in the car while driving…

Every year during Christmas my mom’s side of the family get’s together and there are like curtain groups. There is the 1-10,  25-30 group, 30-50 and then the older bunch. Me and my sister are together in the 10-25 groups and it’s so awkward. The little ones just want to play and then the young adults are drinking or disgussing adult problems. So we just sit there beside our parents, eat and be on our phones.


And now I’m back home and going to eat all of the chocolate that I got for xmas!



Xmas birthday party

Hello, hello again…

Uh, sorry guys! I’ve been so busy with school and Christmas is coming up so a lot of things with that, so instead of making a post about how sorry I am and what have I been doing I’m making a post about a party we had last weekend!

So where do begin? Let’s start by saying HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY DO MY MOTHER FUCKING HOMIE!!!!!! Karl, I wish you all the best in your adult life and I hope your 18 years have been full of joy and that now that you’re old you won’t forget about us, the little babys.

So Karl is my best friend’s ex-boyfriendbut we are still great friends as well so why not let him host his 18 birthday at my house?

We had a theme for the party, it was fancy or slav and only one guy came as a Russian slav😂.

We played games and danced our buts away,  ate cake and sung to him.


Here you can see the birthday kid in all of his glory, ready to cut the cake. We also wanted to make pictures, but hah there is always one guy who makes the picture bad by making asilly face…


And then falls a sleep on the armchair…


Lil Enn sleeping in his natural habit.

And here’s some more pictures of the night with ma main homies and gals❤


And that’s that. I had a very fun Saturday with the best of people in the world and I’m so blessed to have them in my life.








Closet cleaning

Sundays are cleaning days and those are not Fundays…

So, yeah every Sunday is cleaning day in our house and while I was cleaning I thought that why not clean my closet and throw away some things aswell. Also why not give you guys a look inside my closet?

 How many skirtes does a girl need?

I had a time in my life where I had 17 black skirts in my closet and basically every time I go shopping I get a black skirt, cause why not? I threw away the one in the bottom right corner and the one top of it.

How many sweater/shirt things can a girl have?

So for me that’s a lot. Actually I have three more I think, two are in the wash and one is in my sisters closet. I literally had two selves for those. I threw away everything on the left and and the second on the top line.

 How many cardigans can a girl have?

Cardigans are my go to things do wear. You can literally wear them with everything and for every occasion. My parents hate them, but they are also a thing I usually get every  time I go shopping. I only threw away the black and white strips one on the bottom left corner.

Story time!: So on the bottom right corner you can see a veryveryvery long cardigan. That is my first ever cardigan. It was so long and so big my friends started to call it a curtain. Now I call cardigans curtains. My parents also, like when I show a new cardigan I got their like You have enough curtains!!!!!!!!! I just laugh and get an other one. Okey m´back to that first curtain. I haven’t worn that in years, because it’s stretched out like crazy. But I wanna keep it in my closet just in case.

I also have about 30-40 shirts in my closet and I only threw away 2 of them. I think there a shirts I haven’t worn in 2 years, but I keep them for some reason, because you never know when you’re going to need something.

Then I have 7 pairs of jeans which off 3 I threw away.

I also got 8 dresses.

Talking about dresses the other day my dad bought me a dress from the thrift shop for 5o cents and I tried it on today. I literally looked like I’m from a vampire movie. Ok, actually the dress is really nice and I like it a lot.


7 long sleeve button ups.

5 short sleeve button ups.

And 4 jumpers.

Also about 7 pairs of shorts.

My favorite two things:


These amazing cartoon pink pants are the best thing ever.


Also this crocodile onesie. I can’t even comment why  I have this or why I like this, I just do.









Low sugar and fitness week vol2-Day 7

Finally I can stop feeling sad because I’m eating like myself again…

Yesyes the final day. Can’t really say I even tried or something, I think I only did two days. Well that’s that and if you’re reading to know what food I ate to not eat sugar or what workout I did then do not read this.

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and pumpkin pancakes with strawberry jam.

The whole morning went by with me playing Frozen Freefall. I’m literally so addicted to this game, I can’t get enough it’s outrageous. Literally, I’m not even kidding it’s my life I can’t without it. I need to play it, I need friends who plays it so they can send me lives.

After playing it for about 3 hours my friend who’s birthday was today called me and was like let’s go out. So I met with her and some other friends and we went to our local fill, some of our friends were snowboarding and skiing there and filming it all so we went to watch.

I didn’t have my snowboard, but I wanted to ride so bad that my friend who was snowboarding and had two numbers bigger boots than I lent me his and I just randomly went snowboarding. It was my first ride of the season and it felt soo goood❤️ I’m so happy about that!

Then we went to celebrate at the pup and we ate onion rings, fries and drank Coca-Cola. I literally don’t even care.

Came home, played Free Fall, found new snowboard boots, watched TV with my family, drank tea and ate gingerbread.