Party time


So today is one of my bestfriends birthday!!!!! Happy birthday B❤️!

A little bit of the party…

So it all started on the 15th of July when I met this amazing girl and I’m still debating if she is real or not cause she really did helped me alot and always made sure a had a smile on my face!

And we hung out all summer and in September she invited me to a party at her summerhome. She had invaded like 13 of her other friends and I was like okey this is gonna turn out bad, but they were all super cool people and we are friends to this day. So we were talking about how cool the party turned out and staff like that and then someone was like we should plan a birthday party for her in January. We were like yeah totally.

And then came New Years. So my friend invited me to spend the New Years with her and her friends and I was like hell yeah. And again we were talking that we should to something for her birthday because she always plans so many cool things and is just a really great friend.

And last week one of her friends texted me and asked so are thre any plans?  So we made literally the best plan ever, but we couldn’t do it cause we couldn’t get a place to have the party, sad I know.

But in the end she made reservations one day before her birthday and that’s what we did.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Having a toast for the birthday girls honor.

We literally had the most amazing chicken bowl ever. It had chicken wings, shrimp, and potatoes, all covered with a spicy tomato sauce.

For desert she decided that we should all have creme’ brûlée, but the restaurant had only one left so we all decided that she should have it. The rest of us had a warm chocolate cake with homemade ice cream and a little bit of cherries.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
Our dessert at the restaurant.

After dinner we went to her place, checked out the presents. I got her a book ” A work in progress ” by her love Connor Franta and an Estonian version of ” Cards against humanity “. It’s called ” Reality Control 2 “, the first one is +16 and the second is +18, so it’s a little dirtier, but funny as hell.

We ate some more, drunk some more and played the game I got her and also turned the music up and had a little dance party.

If you haven’t noticed, I started a gallery, so I will add pictures there, all the pictures that are in my posts are there and also some others that I didn’t include to the posts, but are still good pictures. So check that out! Bye!





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