So it’s snowing a lot lately…

I’m not sure how I feel about it, cause I really do like snow. I think it’s beautiful and I get to a thing that I love very much and is a big part of my life also aka snowboarding.

But also snow is very stressful. Like I have to clean the snow from in  front of our house and it takes like 30 minutes to an hour and a half. And also it’s hard to move in the snow if there is a lot of it.

 Another reason why I don’t like the weather is…

that I got sick. And had to miss 3 days of the first school week this year. Sad, I know.

Actually a lot of people in my class were absent, cause they were sick also.

But no matter what, I still LOVE snow.

Here are some pictures of the snow situation.


My lamp on the balcony looks like on of the British Royal Guards.I
I actually hate it when there is a lot of snow on the roof, because I get easily frightened and when all of that snow falls down, you bet that I scream on the top of my lungs.
Really didn’t matter that I’m sick, I still went outside and cleaned the front of my house.

And ohmygoosh, I went snowboarding at my local hill, and last time it wasn’t the best experience.

At that time we had very little snow and the hill is basically a big rock with many rocks on top so you can figure how the snowboarding went….my poor poor board has now big scratches all over the base.


But this time the hill was covered in snow. I needed to make some tracks at first so I could actually move fast and not get stuck in the snow.  At first it was kind of pointless, but when I got the tracks down and could ride smoothly I was in heaven. It was the first real ride this winter and I literally couldn’t be any happier, cause my sickness went away, I got to snowboard and also made my favorite salad.

What can be better?

Actually if I had my friends with me it would be like a million times better, but we still have next time!😉







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