Sometimes things don’t turn out as you would like them to…

So my weekend as not the best, it was a little bit disappointing.

On Saturday I woke up with a big smile, and made my self coffee and watched the film ” JOBS “. And then my friend massaged me and told me to ready in 30 minutes cause we’re going snowboarding.

And here is the thing, I really do love snowboarding and I can snowboard, but on Saturday I really don’t know what happened. I couldn’t ride on my toes at all and I didn’t get my heels at first, but after 30 minutes it was okey.

But my mood was still shit and I didn’t talk to no one all day.

On Sunday I woke at 1PM and I had 3 missed calls from my classmate and a call from a friend who I call my soulmate. So I called my friend and was like heyy, good morning and she was just like, in one hour, out, lets walk the dog, go. Okey maybe she did sound a little bit pushy and she is a really great friend. And then I called my classmate whou wanted to go snowboarding, but I was still angry at myself for not getting my toeside right so I said I can’t cause I have other plans.

At 2 I went out and my friend was waiting for me. We were walking and talking about how much we love dogs, we even covered a Beyonce song so we were like ” Who run the world, DOGS! ” and then she said that she loves dogs more then she love her 3 bestfriends, but she didn’t name me!! At frist I was like okey, we’re not bestfriends we’re soulmates, but then she said that she found her soulmate!!! And yet again I was in a bad mood.

So the weekend in one word, disappointing.

And today I went to school and had some troubles there with some people so if I won’t post or post sad things then you know why.

But the dog is so cute so some pics😉.

So this happened.
She is literally the cutest.

See ya next time!

PS! If someone wants to be internet friends, let me know.




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