Some words hurt more than they should…

So the last time that I made a post I said that things aren’t going so well and well, they aren’t better.

I’m sick again and that sucks so much. I’m always very thirsty and my head hurts a lot and that isn’t good for school, cause it’s kind of hard to concentrate when you are feeling like you have a hungover.

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I actually like drinking water so I don’t mind.

On Tuesday and Wednesday day had a huge fight with a club I’m in.  Nothing really happened, just I was defending two people who didn’t come to the meeting and the other two that I had a disagreement they were saying that the people who didn’t come didn’t have a good reason and I said that they had, so we had a fight over it.

But Thursday was good. I actually did good in school and got some good grades. After school I had sometime at home to rest and then I went to 4H club. This time we went ice skating and ohmylord how funny it was. At first I was like what the heck am I doing but I got the hang of it cause like I just to ice skate alot, just saying. But my friend, he couldn’t even stand right, but in just one hour we teached him how to ice skate. In the evening I went to eat sushi with a friend in class and we don’t usually talk much in school but we both love sushi and so we went and we actually had a lot of fun.

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It should be a great day right? It’s the last school day and the weekend is coming up and I have only 5 lessons so it should be great, BUT!!!

The morning started very badly.  I was feeling so bad and my eye hurt so much, I think I have a thingy in my eye or something. I was late for school, and I didn’t do any homework for any lessons. And for PE we had swimming. So you can imagine how my eye liked all of the chlorine.

And after a few lessons we had history and my friends…. pretty much out of the blue said: ”  You know, I wouldn’t be able to imagine you with a guy ever. Your so lesbian. ” and I was just like wtf. I turned around and told my other friend what my partner just said and she was like: ” Oh (my friends name) remember we talked about it ” and I’m like what, what talk and they said with no hesitation ” That you are lesbian. ” And then some other people in class start telling me the same thing and it isn’t a joke anymore, it’s calling me gay and lesbian and that is bullying.

I’m not saying that ew lesbians, now way, it’s just I’m offended that my friend are saying things that they can’t imagine me with someone ever. That’s basically saying the I’m a piece of s€*%. And the facts that they talk behind my back about those kind of things… that just hurts.

And actually I don’t know what I should say to them. I’m so young and really don’t care about the gender of the person I communicate with but right now I don’t like anybody and that’s it.

But the evening was great!  My friend texted me and was like, I know you went to eat sushi yesterday but we are on the train and do you wanna come with us? And logically I say yes! So we go to the same sushi place and I literally ofer the same thing I had on Thursday.

After eating we went to the cinema and saw  ” The 5th wave “. And at first I didn’t think much of it but ohmygoosh it was so good, but it ended badly but I’m so going to read the books now. The funny thing was that we were in the smallest room of the cinema and there were like 50 people and the 2 times Cassie and Even kissed everyone claped. It felt like a big group if friends. No one cared and just aw’d or po’d .

So this has been a little bit longer than usual, but I wanted to get some things off my chest and tell you a little bit of my week.






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