Weekend updates

So I decided to post every week to talk about my weekend.

This weekend was a roller coaster.

In my last post I already told you about my Friday how disappointing that was, but the night was still good (if you wanna know what I did on Friday go read my last post).

On Saturday, well first I woke up surprisingly early. I had an alarm for 12 put I woke up at 9 AM. I had taken a shower and eaten breakfast in that time, so when my alarm went off I was super proud of my self because I always wake up very late.

One of my friends who lives 40 minutes away from my town had a dance practice with our dance studio and she thought that if she is coming here then why not stay a little longer and hangout with me. And of course I was on board. Another friend of ours who lives in the other town as well wanted to come too so we all just hanged out at my place and I gave a little tour of my town cause they haven’t really been here. I have always went to them or we go to Tallinn (the capital) so it was nice to have them here.

Very sleepy and stalking hot guys on instagram.

When the night ended and they needed to go home we went to the train station and when I got home I discovered my phone was missing!!

I looked everywhere except the train station, and guess where it was? In the train station.


A dude found it and posted into our towns community group on facebook and on of my classmates recognized my lock screen and was like you is this yours? So I checked the post and turns out the phone was mine and I contacted the guy and turns out that he doesn’t live in my town he was just here for a party!! So in order to get my phone I needed to drive a hour there and a hour back just to get my phone and of course I did it.

It’s pretty scary do drive in this weather because it’s dark and it’s snowing and the roads are very slippery, but it’s still beautiful.

A little dark, but you still get the feeling.

Like there isn’t a place in Estonia that is not beautiful. Maybe I should do a post about Estonia one day?

So that’s pretty much my weekend.  Nothing existing happened really but I have many cool weekends coming so stay tuned!





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