Fitness week *day 2*

Big news and small exercises…

So let’s start of with that 1D released the music video for “History”. So I was a big 1D fan onday but after like two-four months of hardcore stalking ang googleing I got over them but now, and I will admit I cried and was really sad when they went on hiatus, but I cared for like two days, okey! But now they released the music and if you haven’t seen it go now!!! *spoilers* It had them dancing, Niall with glasses, Liam hot af hat and well Harry and Louis just look perfect as always. There were B/W clips of the boys in the X-Factor and from the early days and even Zayn #ZiallmomentinHistorymusicvideo.

And when I watched it some many feelings took over. All of the memories I have with 1D in general, like some good times with my friends and 1D was playing and they were so little and cute and ohhh, I could go on and on…. So one of my todays work out was basically crying and thinking and calling everyone I know and talking to the people I was with. I screamed and was talking so much and so fast I think some people might hate me now.

 But that’s that, and now for some fitness…

So first of all we have veryveryvery bad weather right now. There are big ponds and everything is dirty and yeah. So instead of my planned two hour walk I went on a 40 minute walk and then just studied all day, because I have a really busy schedule this week (don’t worry you will hear about it😉).

Like I said, very bad weather.
Going on my walk, nope just my toes are going swimming in dirty melted snow.
So basically the front of my house is a big swimming pool.
You have no idea how hard was to get over that.

If you have read any other of my posts like “Snow” you know that I love snow, but I hate it when it’s on the roof and one second it’s like hey lets discover the ground and it falls. Well today it did and this happened.

I so this when I got home and was like holly molly not cool weather, not cool. The logic here is that we had like -20 degrees and no snow and now we have +2 and a lot of snow.

But this post is about fitness so imagine walking 40 minutes while trying to finf a normal spot to step in.

For this day not be a complete disappointment I did some exercises at home.

 So here are some simple exercises you can to at home for your daily fitness:

1.Warm up.

For warm up to 15 jumping-jacks and to some leg, hand and hip circles.

2. Push-ups.

Start with 10 push-ups, rest 15-30 seconds, again 10 push-ups. Repeat that for 3 times.

3. Sit-ups.

Your hands should be hurting at least a little for now so let your hands rest and to 30 sit-ups and if you are more trained, rest and then to 30 more.

4.One of my favorite exercise is planking.

If you can to minute and a half and then rest for 30 seconds and then again but you can also to 30 seconds and rest for 15. You can choose your one time these are the ones I recommend and you can always do more.


Also try to keep your body parallel with the ground and you can hold your hands straight up, it’s easier that way.

5.Back exercise.

For this exercise you need to lay on your stomach and put your hands on both sides at 90 degrees. Now you lift your upper body (to your chest) and keep your armas parallel with your face while you move. To that 15 times, rest, again 15 and repeat that for 3 times as well.

6.Favorite exercise.

I have done this exercise for as long as I can remember. It’s for your hands. You need to sit and hold your arms parallel with your shoulders at 180 degrees. You can also move them up or to your front.

Try holding them for a minute and maybe trie again after, but I hold them for at least 5 minutes.

 So that’s it for todays fitness update, see ya tomorrow!





One thought on “Fitness week *day 2*

  1. Hey good for you for getting out there in the snow!! Props to you from California! Definitely shows your dedication. As athletes we share a common bond. For this reason, we’ve recently created a website and forum for the only people who understand you: other athletes. We bring together former and current athletes and provide a supportive and non-judgmental space for individuals to share their athletic triumphs and struggles. We’d love to hear how working out affects you! See the forums page. We also have a feature that allows athletes to see where there are other athletes in your area (See the members and events page). Thank you for your consideration! Margaret


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