Fitness week *day 3*

I’ve got some very exciting news in the end…

Heyhey, it’s time for a new fitnnes update. Today I didn’t feel like doing something hard because I had one very long meeting that I will talk about in the end and I also had to be at my local youth center because there is this girls who’s on a practica there and her teacher came to watch het work and she asked me to be there.

In conclusion I went swimming. Because swimming is pretty easy for me cause I was a swimmer for 4 years and then I just continued dancing  and then I started wakeboarding and quite dancing as well. I had danced for 8 years and my hips and knees practically gave up on the last year and they also built a wakepark near my home at that time so I was more interested with that.

 But on with the swimming….

Here is my todays swim log.

Todays swimming sessions analysis.

I was pretty proud of my self because I did the first km in only 22 minutes and then I started talking to a girl about swimming and exercises .  And actually I have a swimming competition tomorrow so going swimming today was a good idea.

And now on with the news,

So I’m in this Japan Club and we had the meeting today where our headmaster and the person who organizes all of the projects. In Japan there is a town named exactly like ours in Estonia and the towns are in a town-friendship or something. They went there to discuss an extend students project but also our Japan club.

In April we are going to have Japan language course and learn the language for free!! When the course ends they pick 4 students to go to Japan for like maybe 200 euros! Crazy, I know! And well there are some other things also, that you need to be selected.

1. You need to know how do speak English.

2. You need to be in all of the courses and never miss anything related with the Japan club.

3. You need to have the ability to adjust quickly.

4. You have to be vaccinated and 101% healthy.

5. You have to have good nerves.

6. You must eat fisht!

Eating fish is the only problem for me, because I don’t eat fish at all and I never have so I decided to learn, how to eat fish. And if I go to the meetings, learn the language a little bit and eat fish, I’m going. That’s what the teacher said not me. Freeking Japan for only 200 euros? What could be more cool?

Actually wait, I know…

I’m involved with a nother project at our school and we are going to have s meeting tomorrow so I can say more then but for now, I’M GOING TO ITALY FOR FREE!! This is crazy. I had literally one of the best days in my life. And because my friend who lives pretty far had a snowboarding practice in Tallinn and had to take the train home and sit there for more than a hour and she forgot her charger I gave her on of mine. The train stopped at my local train station for 10 seconds so it was like I literally threw the charger in and touched her hand cause I couldn’t hug her and she was gone:(.

But still it has been a very good day!







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