Fitness week *day 4*

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t really  do anything so If you are interested in reading about fitness and workout click away…

So today I had a swimming competition and me and my team (3 peole, 4 including me) one the first place, so that’s cool!

One guy was writing cheating notes.


And after school I had a nother project meeting and we discussed what are we going to do in Estonia when the students come from Italy, Poland and the Netherlands and our leaders explained the home work for us.

Now to the part why I didn’t do anything fitness related (okay, I had the swimming competition but that was like 50 meters, basically nothing) today. I had plans to go to the gym and I even got on the bus and went there but when I started dressing I discovered that I didn’t have me shoes!! So I called my dad who was at home doing nothing and it’s like 20 minutes to the gym and back and he was to lasy to bring them for me so I was really really angry at him. So instead of going to the gym I went to a cafe.

A little cafe break.

After that I went home and made myself a pizza. Not a healthy day at all but f*%$ it.

Yey pizza!

And right now I’m watching EMA2015 aka Estonian Music Awards 2015. So not much to say today, bye!




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