Fitness week *days 5 & 6*

So I’m sorry for not posting on Friday, but I will tell you what I did in this post…

So I really am sorry for not posting yesterday. I didn’t post because I had a long school day, then had to clean my room, then went to the gym, came home and had a shower then went to the airport to pick up my brother and when I finally had free time it was 1 AM and I was soooooo tired.


But I did go the gym and took pictures of the things I used: 

1. Elliptical trainer and Stepmaster.

I did 5 minutes with each one.

2.Rowing machine.

Works on your whole body basically.

I did 500 meters and that took me 2 minutes and 34 seconds.

3.Leg-Curl machine.


Works on your thighs mostly, but on your legs aswell.

Did 20 lifts.

4.Leg adducion machine.

Did 15 with both sides.

 My main reason for going to the gym was to work on my arms…

5.Pec Deck machine.

Works on your biceps and shoulders.

I can’t remember if I did 15 or 20, sorry😂.

6.Cable and Pulleys machine.

With this machine you can work on your whole body again because there are a lot of different ways to usd this.

I used it only for my arms and did 30 pulls from up to down and from down to up.

And after that I did all again for one time.

And PS! Don’t do too heavyweights because it will hurt you and you may broke something in your body!

I did everything with 5-10 kg when some very other did them with 70 kg. I have gone to the gym for two month and on Friday was like my 6th time so I’m moving to heavier weights.


I literally woke up at like 1 PM and then made my self my favorite, banana pancakes. After breakfast I went straight to studying because on Tuesday I have a huge history olympiad and haven’t even looked at what I need to study (okey, I have now but after breaking I didn’t).

So I stared studying at 2 PM and when I look at the time it’s 5 PM and I only got throuh like half of the material. So I decided to leave the rest for Sunday.

I was thinking what I should to for today workout and I was like: ” Noooo, I do not, I repeat do not wanna leave the house”. So I did some exercises at home again:

1.Holding 5 kg weights in my hands while holding up my arms.

I hold my arms in total for 2 minutes, because the weights were pretty heavy.


I did 40 squats while holding the weights.


I’m kind of fat so it’s hard for me to do sit-ups, but I can to them so I didn’t to much. I did 15 full sit-ups and 15 half sit-ups.


Usually when I do planking I’m on my elbows, but today I did 1 minute on my elbows and 30 seconds with my arms straight and hands on the ground.

And that’s it. After that I stretched and went back to other school work.







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