Fitness week *day 7*

Last day!!!

I went to the gym again today, but to a one in Tallinn. And it’s like 30 times bigger than my local one!!!

But basically I worked with the same machines and some new, but I didn’t take pictures. I only took one and it’s of the treadmill, because that’s the number one reason I go 20 km away from my home to go do the gym. The thing is that we don’t have much cardio machines at our local gym and there is an entire floor what is 3 times bigger than my local gym filled with cardio machines.


Running away from the haters.

I don’t have much stamina so I was on the treadmill for 25 minutes 15 of those I walked. But it wasn’t like a slow walk, the speed was 6,5 km/h and I ran 7,5 km/h so I think that was okey.

Later when I got home I made myself some homemade blue cheese-chips. I know they sound gross, but they are amazing!! I’ll think about maybe doing a post about it……. And for the rest of the night I studied. Like literally studied for 4 hours I think.

This is what my night looked like.

I had 7 different papers filled with notes that I needed to memorize. Two parts of information papers. They were actually from books that I copied and printed them out. Each part has like 10 two sided papers. Then I had my music homework and my English homework (that was easy af) + one thing that isn’t on this picture I need to read a book with 101 pages by Monday and I have read only like 40. So much for one weekend!!

Literally hate school right now.

But no to the main part of this post, it was the last day of my fitness week…

What’s next?

Well I actually liked doing something fiscal everyday, yeah my legs and arms hurt a little but that’s okey. And because I liked it and exercise is good for you and I also want to loose some weight and  be more in shape and strong so I could do some cool tricks in the summer when wakeboarding season starts I decided that I will make myself a workout schedule.

    And here it is:




4.Thursday-gym in Tallinn

5.Friday-gym in my town 

6.Saturday-rest or if snow comes back skiing

7.Sunday-swimming or gym in Tallinn

And everyday (even on rest days) I will to 40 squats hold my hands with weights for 3 minutes, do 15 half sit-ups and 15 full sit-ups and 15 push-ups.

Or we can just say that I will try to follow this schedule and see how it works for me because right now I have many things going on and studying is harder then ever, don’t know why now?

 I hope you enjoyed following my fitness week because I enjoyed doing it!




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