So I actually posted…

Hey, haven’t posted anything in a while….sorry because of that, but I have been pretty busy and some other things as well, but I will get into that later.

But I actually have a lot to talk about soooooo lets start with Tuesday…

Do you guys remember my last post when I talked how much I’m studying for the history olympiad! Well, it payed off. I got first place and I’m going to the national one now! The only bad thing is that I also have another national competition on the same day…and it’s in a nother city 234 km away, but I think I will make it because one is in the morning and the nother is actually on the next day, but the first day is like studying and classes and stuff so I think I will make it to both. The only sad thing is that it’s on the Valentines Day weekend, so my V-Day is ruined. But I didn’t have other plans than netflix and pizza soooo…

On Wednesday I went to see ” My Fair Lady “. It’s about a girl who has very poor English and a language teacher takes her to live with her and teaches her very intelligent language so she can go to a big ball and nobody will guess that she actually isn’t a wealthy person and hasn’t been taught.

I went to see it at the Estonian National Opera Theater.

It was really really long and I was almost sleeping, but not because it was boring, because I actually liked    the musical very much. I liked the concept, the music and the actors aswell. So I really do recommend it.

On Thursday didn’t really do much, went to the gym and did some shopping, nothing interesting.

But Friday… Well first I went to the doctors and missed the first two classes at school. So the doctor did a blood test, just a little fact about me I hate blood test, I don’t hate blood, but I hat when doctors put a needle inside your arm.

I found out that I have very low magnesium level and that’s actually what I expected because I had all of the symptoms. And I will write some down just in case you have some so you could go and get your self tested.

1.You are always very tired.

2.You don’t have a lot of strength.

3.You get cramps often (like leg cramps).

4.You don’t really want to eat anything,

5.You may have carvings for something salty or something sweet, but you don’t know what you want.

6.You could be really hyperactive.

And they are just a few signs.

We also have a new volunteer in our youth center so we threw a welcome party for him. I had to make the cookie-cake again and it turned out really well, I was super proud of myself, hah.

Making cake.

And yeah that’s about it, I will go out of town for the weekend to Tartu so maybe I will do a post? Maybe…




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