Smart ass

 Hello my lovelies, how have you been?

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I posted. I’m so so very very very sorry for not writing anything, but I really am very busy and there is a big flu-flow going around and I’m not sick at the moment, but because everyone around me are then I feel like I am.

And like I told you my health hasn’t been the best lately so I really hope that I don’t get sick because my schedule is so full and I wouldn’t want to cancel anything.

But I did have a very interesting weekend so I will talk about it a little bit (maybe a lot, because I’m super proud of my self).

So like I told you already that I had two national olympiaids and I was supposed to go to the one in Tallinn on Saturday morning and after that straight to Tartu, but on Friday my trainer mailed us that we have a practice on Saturday and it was the first one for our grupp and logically I couldn’t miss it.

You are probably wondering what kind of training am I talking about…

So I don’t know if I have told this or not, but I’m a keen amateur wakeboarder and when I say keen I really mean like in love. Wakeboarding is literally the best thing that has happened to me and I don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t have wakeboarding  practices. But there is a problem, in Estonia there is mostly snow and cold so you can only wakeboard in the summer, but my coach decided that this year we will do trampoline trainings to learn like back flips and front filps ect. And he started the traings for the pro-grupp already in January and for us it was the first one last Saturday.

 Here is a link of the pro-grupp training:

So in conclusion my Saturday was like that: History olympiad, went to the cinema with my bff who I met in wakeboarding practise in the summer and after the movie we went to Spot of Tallinn for our trampoline training session.

On Sundy I woke up so early that I think I have never ever woken up that early in my life. My classmate came to my house to pick me up and we drove to Tartu. We started driving at 7,30 AM and arrived 10AM. So that was a pretty long drive.

We had an informatics olympiad and it was so random. Like literally, there wasn’t much involved with computers or such kind, there where riddles and questions like what software does Apple use ects. And when the time was up and everyone were done they put up the answers. So i know I did bad, hah.  After the actual competition we had different classes one was about  programming and the other one was about the connection between mathematics and informatics.

I only stayed the first one because I went on a train back to Tallinn. I had a volleyball practice in the evening so I had to come back early. But here’s a joke, because out informatics teacher was away two other teachers came to Tartu and one of them was our gym teacher who is also my volleyball coach. So I went with her on the train we sat together and when the train arrived to Tallinn it was a hour to practice so I said goodbye and then after one hour I said hello, like I saw her the first time today.

And today on the morning I was so tired because I didn’t have really time to eat and sleep on the weekend so I decided not to go to school.

Happy Valentines Day!! 

It’s a day late but still, hope you had a wonderful day.

That’s it for this time…






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