Happy birthday Estonia!

 Whuuuu!! My country is 98, 2 years from a hundred….

Think what’s it like to have the feeling that you have been a free country for 98 years now? Not a part of Russia or Germany, you’re Estonia….

I wish that the earth could speak, that would be so cool!

But, seriously congratulations to Estonia and all of the Estonians out there who have lived in the days when Estonia was a part of Russia or Germany and now see that Estonia is free, what seemed like a crazy thought back in the days. I’m so great full for that I am born in a free country and still live in one.

A few posts ago I said that I should to a post about Estonia and what better time to do that is on our independence day?

So here are some facts about Estonia:

1.Estonia is situated below Finland and next to Russia, but we as Estonians don’t like to say that because then everyone assumes that your Russian and speak Russian. No, we are Estonians and we have our own language and country. So in conclusion Estonia is situated below Finland.

2.At the moment there are 1,311,759 people living in Estonia and 69,1% are Estonians.

3.The capital of Estonia is Tallinn.   Approximately 32% of the population lives in Tallinn.

4.Not evey city, but most citys are a capital of something. Like Pärnu is the summer capital of Estonia and Saku is the beer capital of Estonia.

5.Estonia is a land without any mountains. There are only a few low hills. We even have a song about that and it’s like: “Estonia, what land is this? There’s no mountains” 

6.Estonia consists of a mainland and 2,222 islands and islets in the Baltic Sea.

7.Our flag is based on the landscape you can see in the winter (in Estonia winter lasts like 5 months).


You see?

8.We’re pretty famous on 9gag.

9.Our currant president likes selfies.


The selfie he took in the biggest event in Estonia, our Song Festival. 

10.He also looks like Borat.


11.The most important thing(okey not really), Skype was invented by Estonians in Estonia, you’re welcome.

So these are some random facts about my lovely country.

Me and my family always celebrate this with a big dinner. We invite friends and talk and watch the ceremony and of course eat, like a lot. I didn’t take a lot of pictures but here are some of the night.

*sorry that these are gifs because I didn’t take photos, I took some phhhots, it’s an app where you can make gifs and share them*

And because it was kind of a formal event or something then me, who never wears skirts or dresses I actually wore a skirt and it was kind of okey. I kind of liked it or I don’t know, maybe if I had more skirts and dresses I could even wore them.

Givin’ that booty reflect leg position tho, hehe

And my hair is getting somewhat orange or like a very faded red so I really need to die it sometime.

And yet again I’m promising to post more often. I really am just busy and have a lot going on.






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