In every persons life comes a moment when they don’t agree with their parents at all…


So for me, that moment was yesterday. It wasn’t the first one, but it is a thing I really need my parents support and when they don’t agree with me on this one…. Well, then I just don’t know what to do.

Your probably like what the hell is this “thing” she’s talking about, it’s actually not that big of a deal really. So like you know I’m a very keen wakeboarder and our coach  wanted to do trampoline classes with us and we had three (I went to two) practice ones and my father came to see the last on yesterday and well…

So I have been doing wakeboarding for 2 years now and my father doesn’t really like the sport. He says that because I’m a bigger girl (yeah my dad calls me fat) and I’m also 174cm (5,7 something) and he always tells me that it’s for lighter and shorter people and it doesn’t train at all (so not true, if you have ever tried you know your hands hurt like hell and your abs and your thighs also) and that wakeboarding is just a fun hobby. Like it’s so wrong to have a hobby…I don’t want to make a career out of wakeboarding, I want to become an actress or a history teacher or a kinder garden teacher or I don’t know maybe an astronaut, but I do know that wakeboarding is only a hobby and is that so wrong?

And because he doesn’t like wakeboarding he doesn’t like the trampoline trainings aswell. And we stared arguing about if I should continue or not. It got to a point when I was crying and yelling how important wakeboarding is to me and if I wanna continue in the summer I really need to go do those trampoline trainings, but he still kept going on how I don’t fit there and there is no point because I will never accomplish anything there and I can’t compete with the others because they will improve and I will stay there where I am and that mean I don’t know how to do a frontfilp on the trampoline. Like I can do it into the foam pit, but not on the trampoline.

In conclusion our parents always don’t know what’s the best for us. Yes, usually they do because they have more experiences in life, but they can’t control our lives. Well they can, but we can’t let them do it. We need to be independent sometimes and explain why they are wrong, how else are we going to learn when we don’t make mistakes. I’m not saying that I’m deciding to continue the trainings and all, in what I’m not sure even…but you need do understand it yourself if it is good for you. Because sometimes we only have our own opinion and we need a other persons one do decide.

Okey this got a little bit too deep so I’m gonna end this here, bye!❤️




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