A girl

 There was once a girl, she was happy. She got along with everyone, things were great. Lets call her B.

 There was a boy, he was a bully. He bullied a girl just because she was different. B didn’t like that. She told the teacher, she talked to the boy, she talked to the clueless girl. She believed it will get better. 

 No, the boy wanted revenge. He told to Bs’ bestfriends how bad of a person she is and how she lies and it’s her who bullies the girl. They got into a fight. The friendship what had lasted for 7 years ended with words ” Goodbye you fat irreverent lazy cow “. B knew she was right and thought everyone else also saw her as that. She spread a tear.

 Life went on, she didn’t get along with many people anymore. She was sad. And then on night, she got a text from that boy. He threatened her. He told that he was going to make her life a living hell.

 B didn’t tell anyone that she was scared.

 She’d woke up every morning and think what will happen to today. Will she get beaten up? Will there be anymore lies told about her and more friends who don’t belive her?

 Day by day she got more and more depressed. She looked like she was dead, she didn’t eat or take care of herself. 

 One evening she looked at her left arm, that clean arm. She had a knife in her right. She moved the knife closer to her left arm, until it made a cut. One. She made another. Two. She made a few more. Eight.

 She now had eight parallel cuts on her arm, bleeding.

It was a secret.




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