Is’t to late to say sorry?

Here I am again saying sorry for not posting….

But like for real this time I have been busy, not lasy, belive me!!!!

If you can remember I talked about exchange students coming and well they arrived this week, so I have beeen so busy with schoool and the project and also last week it was my birthday! Yay, I’m older, fuck. So I think you get it why I have been so busy and not posting.

I promise I will try to post more!! Next week it’s spring break so I have free time, finally yes!

 But let’s start somewhere:

I did my first evet front filp on my birthday last week!!!!! Whoooooo!  But with good things come bad things and the last flip I did I fell very badly and well this happened….


Yeah, my knee just went I couldn’t walk for like 2 days and I still walk very badly and it’s been 9 days!

But at least I did the front filp and I now can say that I can to the front flip.

And here is a pic of my birthday:


I hate my friend so much because I said don’t bring ballones and look what they did…. A freking Hello Kitty, how cute❤️

And well on the weekend I had a party and so stupid boys who hate me came to the front of my house and started throwing snowballs to my window, like what the hell!! They threatened us that they are going to call the police, but did they? No! Of course no, they are little cowards. But my friends are like super cool and it was very interesting to watch them argue with the boys. Love you guys❤️


On Tuesday the exchange students came, and well my guys really don’t speak English, but now they have been here for 5 days and they have more courage  and we have found like topics to talk about so it’s actually great. We have worked on the project and you guys can’t belive. Like we have this very hot Italian guy and his on the team I’m on and basically everybody is jealous, but like I think I’m the only girl who doesn’t think of him as like omygood, daddy as fuck etc.

The other day we went to Tallinn, we had to play this game and go to points and when we get to the  point we had to answer questions, and this was our result…image

And here is our group (I think you will find the hott Italian guy,hah)


But I think that’s all, I’m in the bus coming back from a dairy museum, so bye my lovelies.




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