Homemade blue cheese chips

  An easy recipe for somewhat healthy delicious chips…

This literally my favorite snack, it’s just so easy to make and it taste s soooooo gooood❤️

What you need:

Lavaž (it’s like a thinner and with more flouery tortialla base)                            Cheese                                                            Blue cheese                                               Oregano spice

Lay out the lavaž and cover it with cheese and blue cheese 


You can always add more cheese, or less. I didn’t have a lot of blue cheese so there isn’t much on there.

 Put the oven to 200 degrees and wait a little

When the oven is hot put the tray in the oven for like 5-10 minutes. Check it every once in a while until it’s brown at the middle.


Warning!!! It cooks very fast so don’t let it burn.

After you take it out, put on the spice and then let it harden for like 3 minutes.

Then you can easily just crack it into pieces.






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