Filled pancakes

Another post about food, but why not?

The weather has been like super great, sun is shining and it’s been warm and well today…it’s raining and cloudy and it’s still warm, but the rain and the wind make the weather very uncomfortable. It’s like you want to wear lighter clothes but you know it will be cold and then you put on your winter coat and it’s too warm.

Asdfghjkl, just when the ice was melting and the wakepark was almost opened….

So in conclusion it’s bad weather and I made pancakes.

The first thing just make a normal pancake mix. I added 2 eggs and then some milk and mixed them. Then a little bit of flour.

You can always put more or less because every person makes pancake mixes differently.

When you have the mix put the pan on the stove and turn up the heat.  Don’t put it to high.

Okey when the pan is hot put on the mix, cook the one side and then trun it.

Now it gets interesting

So by now you should have picked your filling. And now on the coocked side quickly put your filling.

I chose some melted cheese and normal cheese.


Now let it cook for awhile and then fold it together.


You can cook the sides if it’s kind of raw.

And now make more!😊

I also made a sweet on with this Estonian treat called “kohuke”.


And when you have your pancakes, decorate them.


Fancy, I know.





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