Photoshoots and flea market

I’m back again with (the white vans) my weekend or week updates…

Just I have done some cool things lately and I wanted to share that.


Okey, so I wasn’t the one who was in the picture, because I don’t like when people take pictures of me, but I like to take pictures of other people and also to take pictures of the people taking pictures of someone.

Me and my two friends we went to Tallinn to shoot. Tallinn, especially Tallinn Old town is such a beautiful place and it has this old Medival times vibe, so it’s the perfect place to have a photoshoot.


Just some pictures and also we bought some salad and we were just eating it in the middle of the Old Town and I just found it hilarious😂

Sorry my face was just like no comment

We also went to a restaurant and got some like vegan, gluten free food and also some little cakes and ohh it was soooo good.



Flea Market:

So we have this acting school in Estonia. It’s a part of the Music and Acting University. And this year they held a flea market and let me tell you it was literally the coolest thing ever.

Before we move along here is a nother part thingi of my “wonderful” life: My mother works in a theater, not as an actor tho, she makes the programs for the plays and searches for different plays for what to play in the theater and I don’t know if that’s why, but from 4th grade I have always wanted to be an actor. So oneday I would like to see myself in that school.

And back to this post. So because of that I’m pretty familiar with this class who is graduating this spring (they were the ones who did this flea market) and when I got there… Let’s just say you get a lot to know from what a person wears. And what these young actors were selling just WOW! Everything was like vintage/modern/retro. You never actually know what actors in real life are like because ther are always playing someone else and it was great go see what they are as a person off the stage.

So what did I get? Lately I’ve been obsessed with jackets so I got three and a hand made soap from my favorite actors in this class.

A fancy black jacket
A denim-jacket
This is actually a faded green knock-off of a military jacket

And that’s it for this time.




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