Cool people and wakeboarding gear

They say Estonians are cold and hard to approach…

Well that’s a myth, because yesterday me and my friend went to Tallinn to film strangers for a music video and let’s just say we filmed like 80 people and 50 of them were Estonians.  At first we were so scared, but then we stared talking to the people and oh my word. WE MET SO MANY COOL PEOPLE!!  Turists and local people just stared talking and asking questions and saying that it’s so cool that we were doing this. For an example with two Estonians we talked about our Superstar (a big song contest) winner is like sooo super gay. Like they were strangers, we still don’t know their names.

We walked around the Old Town and chose different places to shoot. We set up our camera and stared asking people. We explained what we were doing and why.


We filmed every person for 5 seconds and 2 seconds will go to the video. They just had to stand infront of the camera and look into it.

And we also spent like 30 euros on food. Why not?😂


Just like last time I got a salad and we walked around just like eating salads.

And well we were too lasy to always back up the camera set so this happened…


When the music video is out I’ll post a link sometime, but on some news.

WAKEBOARDING SEOSEN STARTS THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! Omygoosh. I literally have everything except my board. I want to get the Slingshot Reflex 2016 with Slingshot Jewl Boost 2016 and I know it’s out, but I didn’t want to order it online so I’m waiting for them to be in stores in Estonia. So if anyone of you are interested what my this season gear is here’s a list:

Mystic MK8 2016 Helmet (Aqua colored)

Mystic Metalite Split Toe Socks (Black, 1.5 mm)

Mystic Durable Grip Glove (Black, 2 mm)

Mystic Home Wakeboarding Impact Vest (Black)

Prolimit PG Fire Steamer  (Black, 5/3) 

And right now that’s all.





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