Hello season 2016

 After six months of waiting it’s finally here…

Six months, it feels like a very long period of time even tho we did snowboarding and even the trampoline trainings and still it was like hell with out wakeboarding.

And now it’s like, Having a bad day? Go to the freaking wakepark, Want to do a little workout? Walk to the wakepark and go ride (not everyone can to this it’s just because I live 4km away and usually I take the train 😆).

So for right now I have wakeboarded for 3 days straight and if you are a wakeboarder you know how much pain I am in. It’s like my arms and my upper back are getting stabbed all the time. After a day of wakeboarding I go home and I even can’t lift my phone, yeah it’s that bad.

But no matter what I’m still loving it❤️

Along time ago I promised that I’ll post like weekend updates or what ever and I haven’t really done them so I’ll do one now.


So Friday morning to the afternoon was pretty usual, just school and then home to watch tv and eat. At 6 PM me and two other girls met up with our friend’s mother to go see her danceshow. So my friend has been dancing for 9 years and this Friday was the first time I went to see her, I don’t know why. But the point is I loved it, I really did.


I had never heard of the group that she was dancing in and when I got there it was like sold out. Floor and balcony both.

After that my mom picked me up and we went to get out dad from the harbor and then headed home. The same night one of my wakeboarding friends came over so we could go the the opening next moring and because we both had late night things (she was in the theater) she arrived ar like 11 PM and we made fries and watched TV.


THE DAY OF THE WAKEBOARDING SEASON OPENING. The day started with a suprise, basically I found my friend like this…


Just like on the ground, usual…

We ate breakfast and then my brother took us to the store and then drove us to the wakepark. Whoop whoop!  I can’t even describe my emotions, it was just great. We were ther for the whole day and all of the new and old workers and riders connected instantly and by the end of the day we laughed our hearts out.



I wake up with a big pain in my upper back and I saw that it was a beautiful morning outside so I went outside to the garden and did some yoga.

And then my friend called me like “Hey, so I’m on the train and let’s go wakeboarding”. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s a heavenly offer and of course I accept. So we went and our new trainer was there so we made friends with her and at first we were like okey she’s weird, but after awhile we got used to it and everyone is a little bit weird😉.


When I got home my mom was like hey we are having a barbecue with the neighbors in 10 and who am I do say no?

Also I got a little tan on my face so I look like a tomato.





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