Thrift Shop haul

Sometimes we need to praise ourselves and spend money…

So today I only had four lessons and when I got home I just had a feeling that I should go to the thrift shop and that was a freeking great decision. I literally found so many great things I think I don’t have to shop in summer at all.

Here’s ALL of the things I got:

A black dress with a skater-skirt bottom and the material on the shoulders is a see through with black dots.


Also a blue very flowy dress. The top is kind of ruffled.

Because summer is right around the corner, okey who am I kidding? It was f*king 25 degrees today and I discovered that all of my shorts are too big for me so I needed new. The first two are high wasted and the last denim shorts are kind of high, but not as high.


Also I got these kind of formal looking high wasted shorts. The pattern is like flowery.


And when won’t you need a plain black skirt? So it’s just a very simple black skirt with a rubber to hold the waist.


If you know me then you know that I only wear black jean and when the sun is shining…. Yeah let’s just say I’m VERY hot. So a pair of denim jeans won’t do no harm.

I’m literally in love with these shirts. The first on is a crop top and I tried that with the high wasted shorts and just needed to get it. The second one is a navy blue with some Native American symbols on it. The last one is a shirt with a lot oh bunnies on it. On the back there’s written that it’s Disney original, but who knows?


Graduation season is on in like 3 weeks so I got this see throw with formal shirt, just to look pretty at the gradutions, because a lot of my friends are graduating this year, so sad.

I found these light purple adidas shoes and thought why not?


And to top it off I got this purpish hat. Just do avoid fainting in the summer and protect myself from the sun.






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