What’s up?

I’m back, whoooo!!!

Hello, hey, hi, what’s up, how you doin’ etc… So alot of thing have been going on and I don’t know how do start so I’ll just start writing about everything. Sorry😂!

The most important!

I GOT MY WAKEBOARD!!!! Finally yes! So I talked that I wanted the Slingshot reflex and Jewel Boots, but things change and I got the Rad boots.


Ya, that’s me falling in the water… I slipped okey (trying to pose for the picture)

Mmmm, my last post was in the beginning of May so that mean that, I haven’t told you guys, schools over!! I got all 5’s or you can say straight A’s. Whuuup!

One of our favorite teacher decided to retire and in the last class we had with her we gave her a little present. We basically had a plan do go to my house, but it was raining and me and my class teacher live very close we went there, to have a go away picnic. So it was my class, our Russian teacher and our class teacher sitting on her porch, eating cookies and trying do talk Russian. In the end the teacher cryed, we cryed, there weren’t anymore cookies…What a great hour it was.

On the third of June we got our certificates, that we have transferred to the next class.

On the sixth of June we went on our school trip. We went to Findland to a amusement park. Oh, and the day before graduation I was in the hospital, but everything is okey now. So I really didn’t want to do all the rides, but I still had a great time and alot of fun with my classmates. Lav ya’ll ❤️

So my name is Elisabet and they wrote Lissabet😂

Oh, classic Starbucks…

I think there’s one thing that most my aged people worry about every summer is a summee job. I was pretty worried aswell, but I was very lucky and I got a job in the best place that I could wish for… @thewakepark!! Whuuuup! Best thing about this summer so far like literally. To do what I love and also work at the place #goals❤️

I won’t bore you guys anymore with all the little trips and fun night that I have had so far because there will be more and hopefully even better ones.

Before I go, I wish everyone a good Mid-Summer Holiday. I hope you jumped over a fire, picked 7 different flowers and saw you future man in your dreams, I hope you drank alot and stayed up all night to celebrate the shortest night in the year.





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