Nordic Youth Meeting 2016-Day 1

Before I start talk about our journey, I’ll give you a little interdiction…

So about a month ago I was talking to my mentor and she asked me if I was interested in a project called Nordic Youth Meeting (NYM). I was like hell yeahhh!! So today 19th of July I stared my journey with 5 other teens and two leaders to Finland.

We all woke up at like 5.30 AM to meet at the harbor at 7 AM.  Getting on the ship was easy. We took our tickets and took our luggage on the ship.

We had payed for breakfast on the boat aswell so the first thing we went there and ate some breakfast. We also looked around in some shops and on the ship.


When we got to Finland we tryd to find a trammy station… We walked to like three different stations untill we found the right one. We got on the trammy and went to the city, in the city we walked to the train station and put all of our luggage to these little lockers and went on the city. Did some shopping and got some food and went back to the train station and went on our train.

The train ride was 4 hours and 30 minutes. The first two everyone slept. Then we ate and played some games.

We were the first ones to arrive. The Finnish people were here, but from the quests we were the first ones. They offered us food and then we waited for everyone else.

Then we just played some games and got to know people and then it was night time.

The place is very beautiful and the people are amazing!!

So actually right now it’s 20th of July so I’ll post everyday the next days evening.





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