Nordic Youth Meeting 2016-Day 2

Actually getting to know people is kind of easy…

In the morning Finnish people woke us up. We had our breakfast and after breakfast Finland team did some wake up exercises.
When Finland was done then every other stared to do some name and icebreaker games. It was so fun and I think I know everyone’s name by now. So that makes it easier to communicate with everyone.
We also had some free time before lunch and after lunch we played an adventure game where we had to find places and to different tasks there.
There’s a swimming area and saunas so we Estonians were like let’s go to the sauna, but the saunas weren’t hot so we just went swimming. The bottom is very rocky so you can basically just swim, because walking in the water kind of hurts.
In the evening we had a water fight and well there was this guy who sprayed all of the Estonian girls completely wet so we decided to get revenge. This is what we did in his room.

Every night we have cultural evenings and this evening it was Finnish and Russian cultural evening.
They had very cool costumes and they danced and offered us food. At the end they played some Russian music and some of us were dancing.

Day 2 was very good and I hope the other days will be even more better.
PS! I’ll post everyday’s post the next day at like 7. (So right now I’m posting this and it’s the 21st)



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