Nordic Youth Meeting 2016-Day 3

 When I get home, I’m going to buy graffiti and be a street artist…

Today’s morning the Danish people woke us up. I forgot to mention how the Finnish people woke us up, it was the same way the Danish did.

They knocked so loud on our door that omygood, horrible.
We had breakfast and Denmark did some wake up exercises. At 9.30 Street Art program begun.                A Finnish artist Ruusa came and talked how she started and showed some pictures and told the stories behind them.

We got divided into groups and had to come up with a design what we should do with the graffiti.

This is our groups before and after picture.
After everything was done we played some games in groups.
When dinner was over the Estonians had a meeting because this night we had our cultural evening. We talked over some things and games and prepared the food.
A little note that our Estonian group is weird in a good way and in Estonia we do this thing when someone is laying on their stomach and someone yells “Külakuhi” (that in translation mean village hill) you jump on that person and make a tower of people basically.
So I was the person who came into the room and yelled Külakuhi and then everyone jumped on me. We also did some games, showed a video about Estonia and did a trivia about Estonia.
Then Lithuania did their thing and we decided to play some like “funny” Estonian songs like a song by a striper and so on. It was a very fun evening.


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