Nordic Youth Meeting 2016-Day 4

Somedays are just sad and everything goes wrong and there’s nothing you can do about it…

The morning started well. It was out turn to wake everyone up. We singed this very cute Estonian song in every room to wake everyone up. Then we made coffee because the place where we are staying at is a Christian school so they don’t serve black tea, coffee and meat.      After the wake up exercises a big bus came to pick us up and drove us to Koli Natural park.
Basically everyone slept in the bus.
The place was like a museum and a hiking spot. The views were so beautiful and we Estonians were talking that someday we will come back here.


Everything was fun and okey until we arrived at the place where we had lunch.


One of the Danish leaders is a 69 year old guy and he had trouble breathing so we called the ambulance and they took him away. It was a big shock and everyone was kind of quiet and saf.   After hiking in Koli and eating the bus drove us to Joensuu, a city in Finland and there we played a city game and had some free time to look around the city. We got some ice-cream and it was so big me and one Russian guy had to split it.


They had booked us tables at a pizza buffet so we could eat as much we wanted for free (or like we didn’t had to pay for it, the project did). There were also salads and meat and chips etc. So you can imagine what everyone took.

Basically meat, okey we have 3 vegetarians, but yeah everyone’s plates were like filled with meat pizzas and meatballs and chicken.
On the ride home everyone slept again, but it really didn’t work out because the people who didn’t want to sleep tried to keep everyone up so you can imagine how that went. One Lithuanian guy took over 500 pictures with my phone so I was deleting the pictures.


Later that evening we got the news about the Danish leader that he was in a coma and he had surgery so I think everyone were sad a think about what happened and just everything. Me myself had a mental breakdown.

I just started crying about everything and suddenly I couldn’t stop. But everything is find now, he’s fine, everyone has calmed down and still very active and doing things.
Sorry I’m late with the post but we really did have a busy day.



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