Nordic Youth Meeting 2016-Day 5

The day we had to present our homeworks…

In the morning no one wanted to get up because after breakfast it was presenting time and no one was ready.

One country (Armenia) couldn’t come because they couldn’t get visas, but they made their homework a video so they sent that to us and everyone loved it, it was so good.

It was like to only presentation that was actually prepared and the others just went with the flow. I’m not saying they weren’t good, just the way how they were presented was kind of just not the best. The presentations went good.

For our presentation I can just say that, it didn’t come out as planned. We chose one of the most difficult topic and it was hard to prepare. I made the slides, and had a vision how I would like to present that, but when the time came, everyone were tired and didn’t listen, but it doesn’t really matter, because I think(hope) that in the end everyone enjoyed our little play and maybe caught something behind their ear.

After the presentations we had a little time to our selves-that mean internet break.


We had lunch and also a little hang in our leaders room. Every Estonian was there and then two Lithuanian guys and my roommate who was Danish. They thought us Danish and Lithuanian and omygoosh their languages are hard. It was so freeaking funny how everyone tried to pronounce the different languages.


*and then something happened*


Okey guys today is the 29th of September and NYM Day 5 was on the 23rd of JULY!!! So yeah I’ve been busy as you see. Let’s just say the last days of the project were so active I didn’t have time to write and afterward  I had alot of training and I was at work quite alot so, I, well, kind, off, forgot, about, this, bloog……… Sorry…

*back to 23rd of July*


After lunch we had some workshops. At first the people (Jüri&Sara) who own the school we were staying at told us a story how God brought them together and now they have been married like 50 years or something. The story was so cute that alot of us had tears in our eyes.


After that we had choices is we wanted to make pancakes with Sara, go kayaking with Jüri or make paper, draw on bags and make keychains with Rita. I did everything expect draw on bags because, my drawing skills are like zero.


This night it was the Danish cultural evening. In the Danish group there was also a Australian girl who was exchange student and came to the project. So it was the Danish and Australian cultural evening. So a few points why I was really exited for that night:

  •  I really love Denmark’s culture
  • My roommate was dancing, and she dances sooo good so I was already waiting to see what she does
  • Denmark is one of the top three countries I wanna visit
  •  Australia is the number one place I wanna visit someday
  • I really wanna try Vegemite, and the Australian girl brought some, so it was one of the best moments of my life. Everyone else basically hated it, but I really liked it. It was like salty and sweet, sooo good.


She also had Fairy Bread what also good, but it was too sweet to me.

In conclusion it was a good day 😀


* Hey, hey guys it’s the present day redhead back again. So I will finish the NYM blog posts, because that week was like one of the best weeks in my summer.  And if you think that I don’t remember or something than you are wrong, because I will never ever forget that one week*






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