Nordic Youth Meeting 2016-Day 6

 I think my favorite day off the whole week…

So when I first looked at the schedule and it said ”group work on environmental topic” I wasn’t so exited. After breakfast they told us to go behind the main house and there where two women sitting with big bags next to them and carpets all around. Okey, we are doing yoga?

No, actually they were artist who want to show the how you can make art with nature.  14513645_1112943135459346_1851454655_o

We had to go walk in the forest and find a place where we see art and make that art. Our group found this place, and we saw a bird so that was our idea. We made a bird out of berries, leaves and flowers.

When all groups were back behind the main house, we talked a little about the environment and our own scents. They gave everyone a plastic tube and we had to grab different things, like flowers, grass, leaves, berries etc. and put them in to the tube. Then we smelled them. Most smelled like strong medicine or grass.

 My favorite part of the day….

And then we see what’s in those big bags. FREAKING COSTUMES!!!!! And face paint. We had to find costumes our paint our face our do what ever we like, but we needed to make a picture that describes how we see our selves in the nature. Me and my group decided to be animals.

We had like 2-3 hours to make it, and most of the time went to goofing around in the costumes…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When I found that green jacket I already was sure I wanted to be a frog. I fell in love. Till this day people tell me that my inner animal is a frog and I really look like a frog and basically am a frog. Also my friends found some great costumes aswell, and I don’t know why one guy is dressed like a bad looking old woman, but sure, why not.

We had a lot of fun, maybe even a little bit too much….

* quick thing before you look at the pictures, there where two words that basically everyone knew, they were ”laksime kanni”, that mean’s ”let’s spank some ass” *


Okay, so there’s that…

In the evening we had Fin Olympics. It was every national team against the other countries. The Olympics had funny sports included, like women carrying and boot throwing…. But the funniest was air guitar playing. From every country two people had to pretend to play the guitar (ofcourse music was playing, so it wasn’t that akward) and well just say that shirts came off and pants came off😂 Okeyokey PG PG, but it was so fun to watch and well in that Sport the Estonians got second place, but overall we won!! Whuup!!


Yay, so it was a very good day😊

Also, me and my roommate decided to take part in the open stage next night so that means we had 20 hours…., but we decided on the song quickly and also the dance wasn’t so hard to think, because we mixed hip-hop and show.




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