Nordic Youth Meeting 2016-Day 7&8

The last day…

The whole day was, sad because the next day everyone were leaving, but we made the most out of everything and spend as much time together as we can.

After breakfast they let us choose what art group we wanna be in. The choices were-dancing, singing and acting. I chose acting, because I really like acting and I thought we will do a cool play or something, but we did some kind  of thing where there were all countries and then some things about them, all over the stage in different sets.

In dancing they learned different dances and in singing they practiced songs in every language and also some pop songs in English.

I was very exited for the acting, but turned out that the teacher didn’t  speak English really well. Her daughter who was also in the project, she didn’t speak English also that much to translate, so you can imagine how the whole day went. The teacher tried to explain something and every one was like whaat????

But, in the end we Estonians discovered something… Okey, so Estonian and Finnish is very similar, Finnish people understand Estonian, but we don’t understand Finnish that well. The acting teacher was actually Russian, but lived in Finland. When she talked Finnish to us, we were like, wtf we have never understood Finnish better. So now we know that we will understand Finnish, when they have a Russian accent.

We actually had a lot of fun in the end and everything worked out okay.


In the evening we had a final  ceremony, which included revealing our secret friends, thanking everybody and also we got shirts, how cool’s that?! They were black shirts, with the Nordic Youth Meeting 8 logo on. After that we had a little Russian rave/disco and some junk food. We were allowed to stay up all night, and go to all of the houses and each others rooms or we could be in the school house and listen to music or play games etc.

During the whole project people divided them selves into groups, like the people who got along the most and spent the most time together. So that night and my closest people from the project we just went down to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful evening. Right now I’m writing this and I really wanna go back. I wanna go back to that moment right there, on the beach, with those 8 people doing what we did, watching the sun go down and counting hours how long we have left.

We were on the beach I think for 2-3 hours and then we decided to go see what the others are doing. They were still raveing and some were already in their rooms packing or just talking with the others. We went to basically every room to see what’s up and laughed and talked in everyone of them.

Also me and this other Estonian girl talked the whole night and opened up to each other. We didn’t know each other that well before the project, but we became friends, I hope 😀 She’s like this very cool person and I envy her at somethings, but we found out that we are actually very much alike. We went for a long walk and talked about somethings.

It was already the next day and the Lithuanians, had only a few hours left…

Everyone were really tired and most had already gone to sleep, but I tried to stay up all night, so we decided to watch a movie with like 10 people or so. We picked Tangled, cause why not? I was so tired that I almost fell asleep during the movie, so I told my friends that I’m going to sleep and wake me up before the Lithuanians go away. I got like 3 hours of sleep.

I got up and went straight outside to cry a little and say to goodbye to my new(actually, by than we already felt like we have known each other for ages and not 7 days) friends. When they were gone I went back to sleep.

I slept for two hours and then my roommates woke me up to go eat our last breakfast together. We ate pretty quietly and I helped them make sandwiches for the road. We carried their bags to the car and then we had to say goodbye. First I said goodbye to the other Danish people. I was already crying by the time I hugged by roommates.

The 7 nights I spent with them laughing, dancing and eating carrots at 1 AM, were the best night of my life so far. I really hope to see them next year.


Oeh, and they were gone. I didn’t have time to sleep again so I packed my last things and cleaned the room and went to breakfast with the other Estonians. We also made some sandwiches to take on the train. We said our goodbyes to the Finnish people and got on the bus that took us to the train station. Everyone slept in the bus. Then we got on the train. We waited until the train started moving and then fell asleep again.

The train ride was 5 hours and we slept I think 2 and half hours. We went to get coffee on the restaurant couch and then played uno, and some other card games as well.

We had 3 hours of free time in Helsinki. So first thing-we got Starbucks.

White girls.

We went to a big food market to get somethings for our friends and family’s at home. We found like 5 different kinds of Pringels chips so we bought them all to try the different ones. 14522358_1114550428631950_383885873_o

And of course we went to the famous steps of Helsinki’s Cathedral. Where we saw a man dressed as Ash and he yelled something with Pokemons and then threw the pokeball. Also there was a fitness training for women, they did all kind of exercises on the steps and we were like wow. For us going up there was already hard and how can they run up and down so many  times?


We were heading back to the train station to get our suitcases and go on the ferry. We were walking and then out of nowhere we saw one of our leaders. She wasn’t the leader for this project, but she has been and is for other projects.

*So in my hometown we have a youth center and the three women work there. In summer they do a lot of camps and projects so they have it divided who is in witch project/camp.*

We hugged and talked for 5 minutes because we had to run to get or bags and then head to the ship.

At the ferry we had a payed dinner and just omygood how good that was, if you are ever on a trip From Helsinki-Tallinn, or Tallinn-Helsinki take the dinner ticket, believe me it’s worth the money.

We sat around a table and analysed the project. Like what was good and what could’ve been better etc.

And that’s it. 

That’s how my first Nordic Youth Meeting was. If you ever have the opportunity  to take part in a Erasmus+ project, do it. It was an amazing week and I fell in love with projects. Soo, on Tuesday I will fly to Poland for another Erasmus+ project.

Sorry guys for the long post and thank you for reading it and I promise I will do more posts.








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