”When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade”

What is love? How do you know it’s love? With who can you be in love? Where is the love?

So many questions, what a lot of people don’t know the answer to. I don’t know the answers also, but at some point in my life I should know the answers, right?

*Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection. It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.* 

Okay, so I now know that it is when I feel something towards something or someone. Easy.

Do I know it’s love when I feel a strong attraction? But then why do so many couples get a divorce? They say that it isn’t love, or they don’t love the person? They also say that the love is gone? How can there be love and then the next day it isn’t there? What happened?When did you know it isn’t love anymore?

Feelings are strange, they change you and the way you see something. Like when you love a song and only listen that one song and say that others are crap, but one day you are over that song and then start liking the songs that you said were crap before?

Who can I love?

  •  It’s very common that people love their siblings and parents, but if I don’t? Why do I have to say I love them when I don’t? Why is it that people always think you must love your family? They say, that it’s okay if you don’t always agree with your parents, but you still love them? What if I don’t?
  •  I’m a girl and I should love a boy. What if I love girl? What if I have feelings for both? What if I’m asexual? My heart says love a girl, but the society says no you can’t love her, you need to love him. Why can’t I love the person who I have feelings for and not the person society wants me to?
  • There is a saying ” Age is just a number, not the person you are”. A lot of people say it actually, but why is it that when a underage girl and an older boy are together they call the police and say it’s child abuse? What if they are in love? And then we have that 50 year old guy with like a 25 year old, people say that that’s okay. They are in LOVE. Wtf? Now someone made a equation for calculating if someone is too old or too young for you. To get the minimum age you have to take your age divide it with 2 and add seven and to get the maximum age you subtract 7 from your age and multiply with 2? But what if you a love a year younger/older of the age you can be with? Then what, you dump them?

Where is the love? 

I don’t know if you guys have heard, but Black Eyed Peas came out with a newer version of their song ”Where’s the love?” ( click here to hear it ). It’s about that there are wars allover the world and racism. The song is very beautiful and get’s you thinking. Where did terrorism start? We were already okay with black people and then came refugees ad terrorists. We started hating them again. Thinking every black person was terrorist. Why can’t they have normal life? Is love in a white family or also a mixed race family? Why did terrorist became terrorists? Why can’t they find love for the world?

Sorry, for the deep topic after such a fun series of posts. But recently I kind of deal with the whole age thing, the thing is I liked that person and he liked me, but the age thing was kind of complicated. My friends told me that I seemed in love, but I got to thinking, Am I in love? What even is love etc. so I made this post.

For the ending note a very important thing: The difference between like and love-

Like is temporary,

Love is not.




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