Autumn break 2016 *part 1*

A lil recap of my Autumn break…

 Saturday, 22.10

So on the first day of break aka Saturday I went to another city in Estonia called Rapla. My best friend lives there and every year they have this competition called “Kaader” what means take in English.

There are teams who have 24 hours to make a short film about anythin. The have their own classroom for the whole night in the school and they can use the school rooms to film as well. They stared filming on Friday and on Saturday evening they had to present them. They showed every movie and the hosts of the night asked some questions about some of the movies. My friend didn’t win, but their movie was really funny😂

When all of that was over we went to the local pub and ate some Ceaser Salad. If you ever happen to be in Rapla go to “Meie pubi” and order the Ceaser Salad, the chicken in that salad is the best chicken that I have ever eaten. Like literally it’s so GOOOD!

Then we went to her place, made chocolate cake and watched a movi.

 Sunday, 23.10 

Literally watched TV all day because it was too cold to go outside and went to bed at like 10. For me it’s like wtf because on school nights I usually go to sleep like 12 or something.

Monday, 24.10

On Monday woke up pretty early for a “free day”. Woke up at 7 aka school time. So made coffee, ate some porridge and watched TV.

At 10 went to Tallinn and bought a new phone, cause my old one was sooooo broken. Like the screen was green and had purple stripes on it…..

After setting up my new phone in a coffee shop I got on the train to Tartu. Tartu is my favorite city in Estonia. All my family is from there so even tho I was born in Tallinn I feel like I’m from there aswell because when I was younger I could literally walk around the city by myself mean while in Tallinn I didn’t even know how to get to the nearest shopping center. Also the city is so beautiful and everyone is so friendly.

I actually went there to study. There is this institution called “Teaduskool” aka Science shool. It hosts all of the olympiads all over Estonia and holds different exercises and classes for students in different subjects.  I have a olympiad on Monday in Chemistry and Physics so I went there to study a little. In the evening went to a restaurant with my older sister and her boyfriend.

The oldest and the best university in Estonia is in Tartu and it’s a big turist attraction as well. I have walked past it thousands of times and I haven’t really taken pictures of it or pictures of me infront of it. I don’t know why I felt like I need to take a picture now but I did.


 Tuesday, 25.10

*curtains were closed*

Woke up, face timed my classmate who had her birthday on that day and we were just talking and randomly she started talking about snow. I was like amm what snow? And then she asked me: ,, Yeah, it’s snowing here, isn’t it in Tartu?” With in the speed of light I ran to the window and opened the curtains and OMYFUCKINGGOOD IT WAS SNOWING!!!!! Bishh yaas I love snow! Only problem I had only sneakers with me…. so I met up with a friend ate breakfast and than I went on a train back to Tallinn. Of course all of the snow had melted in Tallinn by the time I got there:(

When I arrived in Saku I went out with friends immediately and went home at 11 PM or something….

Wednesday, 26.10

Didn’t really do anything thing, went to a meeting of a event me and my friends are hosting and made a present for my friend.

 Okay so I figured that the post is long enough and I will make it into two parts. 




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