Autumn break 2016 *part 2*

Many parties…

 Thursday 27,10

The morning went by like a usual morning for me, ate and watched TV. I got on the train at like 11AM or  something to get to Tallinn and go to this place called exit room.

It’s basically a place where there are different rooms and you get locked into the room for 60 minutes and you have to get out. There are alot of clues all around the room and you have to find them and figure out a code or find a key to get out of the room.

Went with my best friend, two girls who left on Tuesday (1.11) do go to Thailand for 2 months and a guy from wakeboarding.


When we finally got out we had 9 minutes left.  Our room was called the “Crazy Doctor ” and we needed to find out who killed the doc.

We went for some lunch and said our goodbyes.

I went back to my home town to one of my classmates birthdays and there was more food….  We playd some games, like never have I ever, newspaper etc. It was a lot of fun and everyone left until it was just me,her and two other girls (we know the birthday girl the most) and we watched 17 Again and cryed alot…

Firday, 28.10 

Lazy as f day you can say. Literally got up at like 1 PM and I was still sooooo tired. Did a little studying and cleaning and nothing more.

In the evening I did a little cooking (3H!!!!!!!!!!!!)  for my friends who were coming over the next day.

Saturday, 29.10

A busy day. Had alot planned. Went to another town near my home for my classmates birtday party, stayed there for like 1,5h and come home because the two girls who I went to exit room with were coming over and also some friends of ours to send them away properly:) we ate, talked, laughed, played some games and one guy broke a class😂

When they were leaving we shared some tears and hugged for a long time and now they are already in Thailand wakeboarding and wish them all the best❤️❤️❤️

 Sunday, 30.10







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