Low sugar week fitness week vol2-Day 1

Trying again…

Monday, 08.11

So first day… Last week I decided to try and eat less sugar and if some of you remember I did a fitness week last Spring and I have a spa day on the 19th of November so I have 11 days to lose some fat…

The plan for the week is like this: Eat very low amounts of suger or non in a day and work out everyday.

Breakfast: black bread and coffee with milk (usually I drink coffee with two tps of suger, but today just milk) 

Went to school, boring as always

Lunch: Wholemeal pasta and a cream sauce with mineced meat and cucumber  

After school I went to the gym. I think I was there for about two hours and then my friend was like aa les go to the movies. I was like why not? Went to see the movie Trolls and omygood it was so good. The songs were great the film was amazing and funny.

PS! I can’t remember the last time I went to the cinema and didn’t get popcorn and today I didn’t. My friend was like wow I’m proud of you😂

Dinner: Ate a carrot,cheese and garlic salad.

Also my mom made these oven sandwiches and me and my friend went for a walk and took some for the road.


And that’s it. Short post but literally nothing happened today😂 I’ll keep you guys updated.




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