Low sugar week and fitness week vol 2- Day 2

Shows are addicting…

Heyhey, wass up my niggas?  I’m doing finee just being lasy as usual.

 The morning

Stared my day great by waking up 20 minutes before school.. I walk to school 10 minutes. That meant I had 10 minutes, to brush my teeth, get dressed, put my things together and go to school. I didn’t have time for breakfast so I ate it in school 2 hours later.

Breakfast: Cottage chees with pickels and dill and an appel.


School over all was very frustrating and stress ful. Especially Tuesday in school are the hardest.

Lunch: A soup, that had meat and potatoes and tomato sauce in it, some black bread aswell.

Okey so I went home and started watching a tv show. White Collar is the name and I’m so in love. The plot and the actors sooo good. I just watched and watched and then I was like I need to work out…. Aa I ate somewhere in between.

Dinner: A gingerbread curd (okey so that has about 15g of sugar for 100 grams and whole point of the week was to eat less sugar, but I was hungry and that was good. And I did only eat about 100g not more) and a white bread sandwich with cream cheese and cheese on it.


I think I ate some smoked chees aswell…😂

Okay so now the working out part.. Because I was like okey too late to go to the gym, do lasy to shave and go swimming so I went walking.

My friend wrote me that he wanted glög (a nordic holiday drink from Sweden, but also Estonians drink it) so I was like yeah I’ll bring you something. Walked for like 30 minutes, had a cup of glög and then walked back.


Okay, back home. Went to the shower, studyed watched TV, drunk a cup of tea with milk and now writing this.







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