Low sugar and fitness week vol2- Day 3

When you forget what you’re (trying to do) doing…

I think I don’t understand what low sugar means… Already my breakfast had pretty much sugar in it.

Breakfast: Rice porridge with strawberry jam. There was 4g of sugar in the amountbof sugar I used. That’s about 1 tsp of sugar, not much, but I tried to go allweek without no sugar😭 And coffee with milk.

Let’s talk about what happend today…Donald Trump was elected as the next president of the US.  Even tho I’m not American, I still care about it because it effects the world aswell.

America is one of the main leading countries in the world and if they the decide something it usually affects everyone.

Right now Estonia in under Americas wing meaning the US is protecting Estonia (from Russia we mean). That’s all thanks to Obama and now Trump if Trump is like f the small European country we won’t protect them and then Putin strikes and we will be a part of Russia like in the Soviet. Trump is a freaking racist and is going to kick every refugee to Europe that meaning more and more refugees are coming to each Europe country.

I got so sad and angry and then our Russian teacher staretes messing with our greads and our tests so I stared crying. I couldn’t breath, my chest was hurting, my heart felt like there was a knife inside, it was horrible.  After a while I calmed down and ate lunch.

Lunch: Hotpot and two slices of black bread.

I also drink alot of water everyday like 2-4 liters depending on the day.

I walked home from school in a very sad and not because the whole Trump thing just one of my really good friend told me to f my self and sent me to hell and said I know everything thing I have friends. I literally have no clue what I did to him or say about him like wtf.

Okey, moving on…

I was laying on my bed watching White Collar and I was think I could do some abe exercises. Okey because the mattress is adjustable for your body and is very soht it’s easy to do sit ups on I did 100 and then did the toe touching thing 100 times aswell.

Workout: The sit ups mentioned before and went for a 30 minute run in the snow. And yes I did ran 30 minutes straight because it was motherfaking cold outside.

Dinner: Fried potatoes with chicken and black bread with cream cheese.


So I admit I did eat two pieces of candy, but I have a reason.

Tomorrow is Saint Mardi’s Day, it’s a holiday in Estonia and in Finland aswell I belive. It’s basically Halloween just not that easy and cool. Only kids do it, they all dress the same with big dark coats and they draw beards on theirs faces. They come to your door and sing “let in the marts,let in the marts, our toes are freezing, our toes are freezing” so you let them in and then they sing, dance, read poetry and ask riddels from the family and then finally they get candy and then they thank the family and wish them luck, moneyluck, loveluck, harvestluck etc.

My parents bought some candy and well I was like okey two wonton hurt because it’s a holiday camoon.

Here’s a lil pic of the runners.


And that’s it, hope you all still have a nice life tho Trump one and stay strong! #imwithher #equality #stillloveyouhillary




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