Low sugar and fitness week vol2- Day 4

 What am I even doing?…

So basically the same thing as yesterday only worse and worse.

Breakfast: A black bread with cream cheese.

Today was one of my classmates birthday and she was passing out candy and I just couldn’t resist… I think I ate about 4 chocolate candies and also my friends from the student board got some left over candy from the style day and they were passing it around and I was like, amm fre candy? Yeah sure!

Yes, be disappointed, I’m mad about myself and disappointed aswell so it’s okey.

Lunch: A protine bar and a cheeseroll and lots of candy….

Then I went home and my lil sis was like hey less make gingerbread (Yes, I know it’s still the beginning of November, but who cares). So we made them and then ate some…

In the evening went to dancing class and sweated for 2 hours straight, omygood it was hell…

One of my friends from the class asked me if I wanted to crab dinner with her so we went to the local pub.

Dinner: A tomato soup with cheese and garlic. Serves with a oven made bread what was covered with butter (oh dear calories) and some really sweet multi nectar juice.


In conclusion I can’t even go 4 days with out sugar. Yesyes I know I can just say no, but you don’t wanna be the party pooper you know?

Speaking of party’s I’m going to one tomorrow so that means a lot of calories so byebye life and byebye promises.





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