Low sugar and fitness week vol2- Day 5 and 6

No comment…

Let’s make this short.


Breakfast: Rice porridge with strawberry jam and a coffee with milk


So school: Because on Sunday it’s Fathers Day on Friday it was bring your dad to school day and they had the chance to give us a lesson. My dad came to my history class and talked a little about the American election situation. It’s kind of cool and my classmates liked it.


Lunch: Cooked rice with chicken.

So after school me and my friend went to a FREE! sushi making class. We learned how to make sushi and also got to eat all of it and try everything.

Dinner: SUSHI! 


After eating a lot of sushi I went out with my friends for a few hours and then got on a taxi to go to my friends house for a ”party”. In Estonian I would say ”rahulik tiks” basically a calm sitting or something like that. Th e taxi ride was so fun… the taxi driver gave us candy and he didn’t know where to go and my friend who had the coordinates didn’t know where to go because the coordinates where wrong so we were very confused, but somehow we got there.

As soon as I got there I started eating. Like chips, cookies etc. We were drinking sodas and every drink with sugar in it I think…. Why? I don’t even know.


You can easily spot me because everyone is wearing dark and then there’s me, all red…



 Breakfast: Cereal and coffee with SUGAR! Oh god I need to try the no sugar thing again some other week, like maybe in Summer. 


My parents came and picked me up from my friends house and we went shopping. I got a new dress  very very cute and also a white classy sweater. We also got some new plants for the house, then some Christmas lights and ornaments and also new curtains for my room.


Ok, the quality is very bad but look how pretty they are <3. They this dark red wine color.

Lunch: Gottage cheese  with strawberry jam and a slice of pizza.


And then instead of working out I watched White Collar. Yas why not?

 Dinner: Two black bread with cheese grilled sandwiches and two glasses of milk.


And to end these two horrible (I mean eating and working out vice) I colored my hair. So here’s the before and after.

Also you can see my straighten hair and my hhahah ”normal” hair. I went from orange to full on red basically.

That’s it, sorry for the long wait for a new post, but I will post one to night as well so you get two posts in a day.





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