Low sugar and fitness week vol2-Day 7

Finally I can stop feeling sad because I’m eating like myself again…

Yesyes the final day. Can’t really say I even tried or something, I think I only did two days. Well that’s that and if you’re reading to know what food I ate to not eat sugar or what workout I did then do not read this.

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and pumpkin pancakes with strawberry jam.

The whole morning went by with me playing Frozen Freefall. I’m literally so addicted to this game, I can’t get enough it’s outrageous. Literally, I’m not even kidding it’s my life I can’t without it. I need to play it, I need friends who plays it so they can send me lives.

After playing it for about 3 hours my friend who’s birthday was today called me and was like let’s go out. So I met with her and some other friends and we went to our local fill, some of our friends were snowboarding and skiing there and filming it all so we went to watch.

I didn’t have my snowboard, but I wanted to ride so bad that my friend who was snowboarding and had two numbers bigger boots than I lent me his and I just randomly went snowboarding. It was my first ride of the season and it felt soo goood❤️ I’m so happy about that!

Then we went to celebrate at the pup and we ate onion rings, fries and drank Coca-Cola. I literally don’t even care.

Came home, played Free Fall, found new snowboard boots, watched TV with my family, drank tea and ate gingerbread.




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