Closet cleaning

Sundays are cleaning days and those are not Fundays…

So, yeah every Sunday is cleaning day in our house and while I was cleaning I thought that why not clean my closet and throw away some things aswell. Also why not give you guys a look inside my closet?

 How many skirtes does a girl need?

I had a time in my life where I had 17 black skirts in my closet and basically every time I go shopping I get a black skirt, cause why not? I threw away the one in the bottom right corner and the one top of it.

How many sweater/shirt things can a girl have?

So for me that’s a lot. Actually I have three more I think, two are in the wash and one is in my sisters closet. I literally had two selves for those. I threw away everything on the left and and the second on the top line.

 How many cardigans can a girl have?

Cardigans are my go to things do wear. You can literally wear them with everything and for every occasion. My parents hate them, but they are also a thing I usually get every  time I go shopping. I only threw away the black and white strips one on the bottom left corner.

Story time!: So on the bottom right corner you can see a veryveryvery long cardigan. That is my first ever cardigan. It was so long and so big my friends started to call it a curtain. Now I call cardigans curtains. My parents also, like when I show a new cardigan I got their like You have enough curtains!!!!!!!!! I just laugh and get an other one. Okey m´back to that first curtain. I haven’t worn that in years, because it’s stretched out like crazy. But I wanna keep it in my closet just in case.

I also have about 30-40 shirts in my closet and I only threw away 2 of them. I think there a shirts I haven’t worn in 2 years, but I keep them for some reason, because you never know when you’re going to need something.

Then I have 7 pairs of jeans which off 3 I threw away.

I also got 8 dresses.

Talking about dresses the other day my dad bought me a dress from the thrift shop for 5o cents and I tried it on today. I literally looked like I’m from a vampire movie. Ok, actually the dress is really nice and I like it a lot.


7 long sleeve button ups.

5 short sleeve button ups.

And 4 jumpers.

Also about 7 pairs of shorts.

My favorite two things:


These amazing cartoon pink pants are the best thing ever.


Also this crocodile onesie. I can’t even comment why  I have this or why I like this, I just do.










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