Xmas birthday party

Hello, hello again…

Uh, sorry guys! I’ve been so busy with school and Christmas is coming up so a lot of things with that, so instead of making a post about how sorry I am and what have I been doing I’m making a post about a party we had last weekend!

So where do begin? Let’s start by saying HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY DO MY MOTHER FUCKING HOMIE!!!!!! Karl, I wish you all the best in your adult life and I hope your 18 years have been full of joy and that now that you’re old you won’t forget about us, the little babys.

So Karl is my best friend’s ex-boyfriendbut we are still great friends as well so why not let him host his 18 birthday at my house?

We had a theme for the party, it was fancy or slav and only one guy came as a Russian slav😂.

We played games and danced our buts away,  ate cake and sung to him.


Here you can see the birthday kid in all of his glory, ready to cut the cake. We also wanted to make pictures, but hah there is always one guy who makes the picture bad by making asilly face…


And then falls a sleep on the armchair…


Lil Enn sleeping in his natural habit.

And here’s some more pictures of the night with ma main homies and gals❤


And that’s that. I had a very fun Saturday with the best of people in the world and I’m so blessed to have them in my life.









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