Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my darlings! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

My holiday usually are spent by one night with our own family (me, mom, dad, brother, older sister and little sister) one night of our individual celebration and one with relatives.

The 23rd

I went with some of my friends to a Christmas concert in a church. It’s one of the most known churches in Estonia and one of the prettiest.


I really liked the concert and then when my mom came to pick me up she did an early xmas present and bought me, my lil sis and my friend burgers!!! Freaking yaass!!!!  Every year during Christmas I have this thing that I can’t sleep and I stay up the night before Christmas.


The 24th

In Estonia we celebrate it on the 24th and usually around the night time. I got like 4 hours of sleep so hah a lot of coffee and coca cola was drank.


Oh dayum there was so much food that I  almost exploded. After eating we started playing kahoot. We did different topics and alot of games. Yea our family plays kahoot on Christmas Eve…


My dad was on a trip so we waited with the presents until he was home as well. He’s plane landen about 8 so he was home by 9, but we still got our presents around 10😂. Here’s what I got: 2 pairs of Iphone earphones, a hat that has earphones inside, big earphones, a pillow, a perfume, wakeboarding gloves and a pair of fussy socks.


I know a lot of earphones, but like it’s my fault I complained alot this years that I don’t have earphones and well😂

 The 25th

The whole house woke up and started packing, we were going away for one day but it looked like for weeks. Actually my brother is going for a snowboarding trip for a week and my older sister was just taking some things form the house to her home, but we had a lot of things cause we needed to take plankets and pillows to my grandmas so there were a lot of bags.

We started driving really late and me and my lil sis had to change clothes in the car while driving…

Every year during Christmas my mom’s side of the family get’s together and there are like curtain groups. There is the 1-10,  25-30 group, 30-50 and then the older bunch. Me and my sister are together in the 10-25 groups and it’s so awkward. The little ones just want to play and then the young adults are drinking or disgussing adult problems. So we just sit there beside our parents, eat and be on our phones.


And now I’m back home and going to eat all of the chocolate that I got for xmas!




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