Welcome 2017

 It’s here, it’s finally here. Happy New Year guys!!!

Thank god 2016 is over and everything starts from a new page.

I hope your new year celebrations were great and you spent it with family or friends.

I was with my friends and we went on top of a hill to look at the firework 360 and it was amazing. It was so beautiful and where ever you looked you could see these beautiful blasts in the sky. I literally had a moment where the only heard the blasting and saw the fireworks and than my friend tapped on my shoulder and was like, hey we’re leaving.

One of my friend’s friend was having a party and he said that only 8 of our 20 people gang could come but we didn’t care so we literally randomly just crashed the party.  It was so random we danced for one song, wished happy new year to everyone and than me and my two friends went to the garage to take shots and than somebody is hey everyone is leaving we were like oh shit les go.

Than my friend’s mom called and invited all 20 of us to their place to shoot some fireworks. We went there and hahahhahaa her mom is just literally the best and some of us girls had a bathroom break at her house😂

Then we just walked around our town a little and then we went home.  So not a big crazy party but I really do love my friends they are the best so I had a really great evening! ❤

The 1st of January I spent sleeping and watching TV.  Amazing …

The 2nd of January didn’t start the best. My lil sister blacked out and fell on her head and we needed to call the ambulance and they took her to the hospital where she is staying the night. Everything is fine she just has a realy bad concussion.

So I really don’t have big resolutions for this year cause I’m so disappointed in last so I don’t know what to wish for or yeah. I want to work out more, be more braver and study more. I have an exam coming this spring and I stil don’t know what exam to pick and my great have dropped alot. So I just wanna survive this year and get my shit together!

And once more, Happy New Year!






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