1 year anniversary + spa day

Redhead111 blog is now a year old. I would like to thank people how have liked and read my posts, because of you guys I have been motivated to keep writing and doing something interesting to write about. Thank you!!!

Can’t believe it’s been a year and I still wanna do something with this blog. I really never have had a curtain topic I write about, it’s usually just posts about what I do with my life cause I have no friends do tell them to. So here’s a post about how me and two of my friends went to the spa.

Me and my father started driving around 9.30 an we’re supposed to pick up my friends along the way and the first 15 minutes the road was pretty clear and than randomly it started snowing really bad, there also was a pretty heavy wind and like freeking -20 degrees outside, horrible. The snowstorm was for like 30 minutes and the for the rest off the drive the roads were clear and evan the sun came out.

Somewhere in the way we picked up my two friends and arrived at the spa at like 11.30 something.

It’s more like a waterpark than a spa actually, but they have something that they call “the saunas of the paradise ” and if you have ever met an Estonian saunas are VERY IMPORTANT! There were so many different saunas and my favorite had to be the Japan one. It’s basically a big hot pool inside of a room. But I also do really like the traditional Finnish Sauna especially when it’s over 130 degrees.

Back to the waterpark part, there is 4 slides, 3 big (black, dark yellow and light yellow and than a little one for kids, a slide that looks like a waterfall so you basically ride between big stonewalls and fall quickly and fast. There’s also a outdoor pool, two jacuzzis, a big pool where you can just play ball or swim or whatever and then there’s my favorite: a jumping cliff. It’s 4 meters high, but the adrenaline you get when you jump is amazing. There’s actually alot more, but I’m too lasy to list everything.

I didn’t take pictures inside the waterpark, but you have to believe me it was amazing. Even tho I’m older than 5 it was still fun and relaxing to just have a day like that away from everything

Although we went to the beach afterwards and I have pictures from that.

It was fucking cold as fuck, but also beautiful as fuck.


And then we went to eat fast food and went home.

Once more Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading and liking. Everytime I open my mail and I have a notification that somebody liked my post I get a warm feeling in my heart, so thank you for that❤

With lots of LOVE,





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