Banana day- Day 1

 Actually it should be Day 2, but you know the first attempt never goes according to plan…

So I have been sick for two weeks now and literally vomiting everything out and my stomach has been hurting a lot as well. Then one night my hands looked like that


I was totally in shock and I haven’t got time to go to the doctor yet so I used google. What I found out that I have symptoms for gluten and lactose intolerance. I also might have hives or just a bad virus.

And cause I was so fed up of being sick I decided to have a cleanse week- a full banana cleanse week.

The goal is to only eat bananas and drink water.

I tried to start it on Monday, but hah the day ended with chocolate.

Today (Tuesday) has been a success .

I have had:

2 bananas and 0,5 l of water  

banana porridge (2 bananas) and 0,5 l of water  

0,3 l of homemade banana milk ( you just blend a banana and some water)

Banana porridge (2 bananas) and 0,5 l of water

So I completed the full banana day, but I will be honest I think I won’t do it again. It’s winter in Estonia so I need more energy and not drinking coffee or eating other foods like meat and potatoes will not get me the energy that I need. Today me and my friends went out and they said I’m not like I usually are. I’m usually super active and energetic, but I was sleepy and weak.

I know that it’s just Day 1 so my organism isn’t usued to it, but still I can’t take an other day of this.

So tomorrow I will wake up eat the banana cereal I made tonight drink coffee and for lunch eat chicken and potatoes cause I really do need the energy and the good feeling.






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