Living like a millionaire

Spent two days basically living like a millionair….

On Friday my great friend celebrated her birthday at her grandmas house and the thing is that her grandma is a freeking multi millionaire. So the house that we went to had a pool and like 1000 rooms and 100 bathrooms and a lot of space. It was so beautiful and I was so jealous but happy at the same time so in conclusion I enjoied very minut of it.

with the B-Day gril
swimming at night? yes!
boys making food
lit fam

So yeah, awsome party! Had such a good time with my best buds!

Already being at a house like that was like whoa, but the next day when the birthday girl invited me and one other friend to come with her to ride a helicopter… then I was like wtf, what is my life?

It was freeking sick! SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! We flew around Tallinn and also went to see our houses. The pilot was a really nice guy made jokes and also tortured us by flying the copter sideways and laughing when I was screaming…

Tallinn old town
what is life?
weren’t exited at all….

After flying we went to her uncel’s (who payed for the ride, as a birthday present) house and well, another multi millionair, but this time the house was so much more…. it had freaking three diffrent saunas!!! But we didn’t go in them cause we needed to go home. First we thought that her parents will take us home, but they were like ”Hey, here’s money! Take a taxi, go there and there” So we get the taxi, go back to the grandmas house, take our stuff, while the taxi is still waiting and then go home.

I have never gotten one taxi while driving into diffrent places and letting it wait for me so for me it was a big deal,

I’m still in shock that I got to ride in a helicopter and just to have 2 days like that…. Best weekend in my life!




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