Italy 2017

All roads lead to Rome!

So on Spring Break I went to Italy with my family. We got a taxi to go from our home to the airport and fly to Bergamo. We landen in Italy around 1 at night so we got our rental car and went to this horrible airport hotel what was like just 4  beds in the room. The bathroom was a shared one with all of the other quests. So we left as early we could.

The first day we went to a beautiful little town Sarnico what was near Lake Iseo. Then we drove through Brecia, Modena and Montava. Somewhere in between we got breakfast and lunch. In Italy most resturants open at like 1 PM, are open till like 3 PM, then close and open again at like 7 PM and in the mornings they go to a bar, have an little cup of coffee and a crossant, that’s it. So we as Estonians who eat a lot in the morning were starving so we went to a supermarket what was on the road and just ate in our car. We literally got everything, like diffrent sandwiches, yougarts, bananas, appeles etc. My dad even bought two creme brules.

Our second hotel was in a town called Marano sul Panaro. It was an amazing hotel. It was on top of a hill and the view was just breath taking.

The next day we went to Bolonga and our next location was Firenze, but hah. In Italy there a things called autostradas. They are basically highways that you pay for, they are just quicker and better roads basically. Oh and they are straigh…. because most of Italy is very mountainous they built highways in side of the mountains, but my dad didn’t want to pay so we up hill and then down hill, again up and down and so on…. I threw up, my sister didn’t feel good and my dad just laught at me. But it was all very pretty in the mountains so all good. From Firenze to Siena it was a good nice and flat road so we were good.

In Siena we went to see the down and this is how you get to the Siena main town part: You go to a supermarket and from there you take an escalstor up, about 1 km and you are in Siena old town. A very interesting experience. I mostly made videos and I can’t upload videos here so sorry for the lack of pictures.


Fourth day we drove to Viterbo to see our family friends from the time my family lived in Italy. We got there and ate some fresh  pasta all made from local things. Even the pasta was homemade. Then the familys dad and little son  showed us around the town. Such a good time and I really miss litlle Mario.

ROME!!!!!!!!! Whuuuu, Rome has been on my bucket list my whole life and finally whuuu I’m in the centre of the world. Rome is such a beautiful place, really it is. We went to Saint Petro, Trevi Fountain and Colossum. We walked the whole day and about 14 km and 25 000 steps…. my feet hurt so bad, but it was worth it. Also ate gelato about 4 times.

Again, didn’t take alot of pictures, cause I really wantedto enjoy more and also my battary was dead and memory full.

Then we went back to Viterbo and straight to bed.

In the morning we started early to start the longest ride of the whole tripp. First we went to a local wine factory and I don’t understand Italian that great, but somehow my dad will start to import wines to Estonia from Italy. Pretty normal? So Estonians stay tuned!

So after a very long converison we started to drive again. Me and my sister got my dad to pay for the autostrada and we went to PISA! Whuu! We literally drove there 170 km/h we where there in like an hour instead of 4.

If you ever want to go to Pisa then be prepared for a lot of refuges offering you staff and that there are a lot of turits always. Everyone trying to take the famous “I’m holding the tower“ pic, literally 100’s of people standing doing poses.

After Pisa we drove foward to Cinque Terre, a national park. It was again… up the mountains and the drive was horrible. Our hotel for the night was in the really end at the park and the drive there is up and down, up and down on a hill where one wrong turn and you fell into the sea. The town where we finally made after 5hours of driving in the mountains was called Bonassola and it was such a small town that at 9 PM there is only one resturant open and 4 people outside. Like hahaha wtf. When we arrived it was pretty dark already and we didn’t got to see the sea, only heard it. Litearally the sea just looked like a black whole at night beacuse the sky was aslo dark black, no stars, no moon, no nothing just black.

In the morning ate breakfast and went to see the sea. So firt thing first, in Estonia water isn’t more than 20 degrees, but usually more like 17-18 degrees. In Bonassola the water was about 14-16 degrees. I was sick, but if I were I would have gone swimming. The water was really clean and beautiful.


When it was time to leave I looked at the road and when I saw that the free way to Piacensa was only in the mountains I said to my dad that I will pay for the autostrada. And he agreed, most of the road was in side of a tunnel, very cool.

In Piacensa we didn’t do much, because I was full on sick and even had a feaver. So my mom and dad went and got dinner, I showerd and drunk tea and went to bed.

Last day! Kind a sad, kind a not. I really missed home and my friends and my own bed. We got to the airport 6 hours early so we spent all our money in the airport shops.

And then finally home <3!

Italy will always be in my heart and I really enjoyd a trip with my famiy and can’t wait to go back.

PS! I hope my wishes that I wished for, when I threw coins into the Trevi Fountain will com tru! 😉

LOVE,                                                                                                                                                      redhead111






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